DEC. 26, 2006

Donna Hendren, Grensboro, twin girls

DEC. 27, 2006

Heather and Brian Woods, Madison, a girl

DEC. 29, 2006

Kimberly and Charles Purvis, Ramseur, a boy

Brooke Williams, Greensboro, a boy

Amy and Daniel Hicks, High Point, a boy

Tricia and Shane Gaydon, Winston–Salem, a boy

Krystal and Jonathan Lipford, Greensboro, a boy

Maggie Reyes, Greensboro, a boy

Kendall Gavin Tomalas, Greensboro, a boy

Elvia Flores–Vallie, High Point, a girl

Ann and Brian Sumner, Greensboro, twin girls

Dannielle Faulkner, Stoneville, a boy

Rebecca and James Chesson, Callands, Va., a boy

Tina and Kevin Mims, Burlington, a boy

Dawn and Kirk Gibson, High Point, a girl

Tarmara Speller, Greensboro, a girl

Sharon and Gregory Smith, Siler City, a girl

Amy Varinoski, Mebane, a girl

Mayra and Leoner Martinez, Greensboro, a girl

Lori and Anthony Wall, Greensboro, a boy

Khia Scott and Rayshawn Person, Greensboro, a girl

Anna and Randy Price, Greensboro, a boy

DEC. 30, 2006

Kendrice Johnson, Greensboro, a boy

Holly and David Jones, Greensboro, a girl

Tijwana and Dion Walker, Greensboro, a girl

Latoya Sligh, Greensboro, a girl

Lashonna Crafton, Greensboro, a boy and a girl

Patricia Hege, Pleasant Garden, a boy

Fatoumata Kimba, Greensboro, a boy

DEC. 31, 2006

Danielle and Scott King, Jamestown, a girl

Kimberly and Jeffrey Rosenbaum, Mayodan, a girl

Janna and Randall Smith, Graham, a girl

Allison and Steve Long, Kernersville, a boy

JAN. 1, 2006

Kimberly and Jeremy Easley, Walkertown, a boy

Jennifer Contreras, Greensboro, a girl

Sabra Seagraves, Greensboro, twin girls

Lorie Lamb, Randleman, a boy

Lamonday Allen, Pleasant Garden, a girl

Tracey and Brian Myers, Greensboro, a girl

JAN. 2, 2006

Danyelle and Dale Kearns, Pleasant Garden, a girl

Catherine and Joel Woodard, Climax, a boy

Mindy and Timothy Childress, Greensboro, a boy

Anita Almanzar, Greensboro, a boy

Sandy and Homer Wilkins, Julian, a boy

Phoung Doan and Sinh Pham, Greensboro, a girl

Angeline Brown, High Point, a girl

Leila and Chris King, Winston–Salem, a girl

Shelley and Richard Sessoms, Thomasville, a girl

Tameka Bedgood, Greensboro, a girl

Hilda Zacardias, Greensboro, a boy

Amy and Dean Schimmenti, High Point, a girl

Kimberly and Stephen Prater, Greensboro, a boy

JAN. 3, 2006

Monia Talhaoui and Abdelwahed Faidy, Greensboro, a girl

Princess Striblin, Greensboro, a girl

Sonja Alexander, Greensboro, a boy

Clairise Watkins, Greensboro, a boy

Ronell and Lloyd Kiensler, Greensboro, a girl

Roxanne Hayne, Browns Summit, a girl

Syreeta Williams, Greensboro, a boy

Natassia and Eric Payne, Greensboro, a girl

Holly McKinney, Colfax, a girl

JAN. 4, 2007

Yadira Mendoz–Pinacho, Greensboro, a boy

Adriana Lopez and Antonio Ramirez, Greensboro, a girl

Katina Rudd, Greensboro, a girl

Cindy Gibbs, Greensboro, a girl

Bandana and Navayan Khadka, Greensboro, a girl

Courtney Peeden, Greensboro, a boy

Christy and Giles Kirksey, Greensboro, a girl

Mhajrika Graves, Greensboro, a boy

Andrea Caperton, Greensboro, a boy

Stephanie and Wayne Hager, Randleman, a boy

Kimberly and Jason Aufderhar, High Point, a boy

Noemi Reyes–Juarez and Carlos Arellano, Greensboro, a boy

Meredith and Billy Dillon, Greensboro, a boy

Kiesha Charles, Greensboro, a girl

Sarah and Tracy Chrisman, Greensboro, a girl

JAN. 5, 2007

Rhonitta Hayes and Edward Hayes Jr., Greensboro, a boy

Bianca and Jeffrey Kiddy, Oak Ridge, a girl

Shameka Graves, Greensboro, a girl

Comfort Nyadzor, Greensboro, a girl

Melanie and Anthony Meadors, Greensboro, a girl

Christina Drzymalski, Greensboro, a girl

Lynn and Jason Crown, Summerfield, a girl

Danielle and Jack Gerringer, Greensboro, a girl

Laquita Smith, Greensboro, a boy

JAN. 6, 2007

Conzuela Cogdell, Greensboro, a boy

Jaime Peterson, Greensboro, a girl

Michelle and Thang Che, Greensboro, a girl

Tamara and Chris Andrews, Greensboro, a girl

Maria and Rafael Toledo, Greensboro, a girl

Pamela Hendrix, Greensboro, a boy

Karen Fox, Greensboro, a girl

Julie and Aaron Pendegraph, Summerfield, a boy

Sherricka and Christopher Stanley, Greensboro, a boy

Maria Sarao–Diaz, Greensboro, a boy

Noel Byers, Greensboro, a boy

JAN. 7, 2007

Rebecca and Brad Austin, Haw River, a girl

Kara and Todd Carrick, Madison, a boy

Kelly and Michael Benamati, Greensboro, a boy

Hmok Kbuor and Yngen Nlo, Greensboro, a girl

Lavanda Ross, Whitsett, a girl

Melanie and Rodney Herring, Burlington, a girl

Lori and Shawn Columbia, Franklinville, a girl

Lori Graves, McLeansville, a boy

Devona Hampton, Browns Summit, a girl

Patrician Redd, High Point, a boy

Amanda and Michael Stone, High Point, a boy

Clancie Joyce, Stoneville, a boy

Thamara and Steven Duncan, Greensboro, a boy

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