Introducing The DRAMBUIE Fizz

NEW YORK, May 15 /PRNewswire/ — DRAMBUIE(R) announces an exciting new cocktail to herald the summer season – the Drambuie Fizz cocktail. Like the signature Drambuie & Soda cocktail, which has enjoyed widespread popularity in the last year, the Drambuie Fizz is set to help a new generation of adult drinkers rediscover the unique taste of Drambuie.


Served over crushed ice in a rocks glass, the Drambuie Fizz couples this Scottish spirit’s unique blend of Scotch whiskey and spiced honey, with the fragrant notes of freshly muddled limes. The result is a cocktail that is bold, exotic and deceptively easy to make.

The combination of limes with the spiced Scotch whiskey liqueur in this evocative cocktail makes for an exciting alternative to popular cocktails like the caipirinha or the mojito and creates a rugged, classic drink that enhances the distinctive flavor of Drambuie.

   Recipe   Muddle 6 to 8 lime wedges in a rocks glass, then fill with crushed ice.   Add 1.5 parts of Drambuie and top up with a splash of club soda.    About DRAMBUIE  

DRAMBUIE was created more than 260 years ago exclusively for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland. It is a unique combination of aged Scotch whiskies, heather honey and a blend of herbs and spices; a recipe kept secret since 1745. From the Gaelic “an dram buidheach” – the drink that satisfies – DRAMBUIE is enjoyed by those who appreciate its timeless, yet distinctive taste. DRAMBUIE can be served in a variety of classic cocktails; on the rocks; or as a tall DRAMBUIE and Club Soda with lime.

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Drambuie is a registered trademark of the Drambuie Liqueur Company Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland 2007. Imported by Bacardi U.S.A, Miami, FL, Liqueur – 40%

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