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CHICAGO, June 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — While 2008 Presidential candidate Barack Obama assures voters that he is fighting to make healthcare more affordable, the second of a series of investigative videos on Senator Obama, titled “The Audacity of Health Care — Health Care Debate,” demonstrates he has done NOTHING to make it more so. In fact, the explosive new video, which can be viewed at http://www.obamatruth.org/, alerts voters that Senator Obama has benefited from the University of Chicago Hospitals marking up their actual costs by 350 percent on the uninsured. The most troubling examples of Obama losing his moral compass on the healthcare issue are his wife, an employee of the hospital, receiving an increase in her total compensation by almost $200,000 a year shortly after he was sworn in and University of Chicago Hospitals executives providing Obama with over $100,000 in campaign contributions over the past few years.

The video tells how Obama who once appeared on the website of the Service Employees Union with the quote “hospitals terrorize the uninsured” has done nothing to stop his hospital, The University of Chicago Hospitals from spending over $10 million on collection fees over the past two years in an attempt to terrorize people, many who are uninsured, into paying bills that have been marked up far beyond cost. This healthcare terrorism continued unabated despite the hospital posting a record profit of $103,642,743 in 2005, a record that they will shatter this year.

While Senator Obama has rightfully criticized the excessive profits made by pharmaceutical companies and large insurance companies, he has done NOTHING about the excessive profits made by not-for-profit hospitals by their price gouging uninsured patients. By not speaking out against the University of Chicago’s profiting from the uninsured, Senator Obama has turned his back on his neighbors and reneged on his promise of more affordable healthcare.

For more on the audacity of Barack Obama and his hospital when it comes to affordable healthcare, go to http://www.obamatruth.org/. “The Audacity of Barack Obama” video series has explored how Barack and Michelle Obama are cashing in on the Senator’s fame. Media outlets, including the Chicago Sun Times and Sunday Telegraph have reported on the investigative video’s findings which resulted in Michelle Obama quitting her controversial position on the Board of Directors of TreeHouse Foods.


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