5 Online Gaming Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The online gaming has thrived in recent times, establishing itself as one of the most prominent growth sectors in the current, global economy. This growth has become exponential during the last five years, with the emergence of the mobile platform offering additional diversity and flexible gaming for players.

The emergence and sophistication of the remote casino market has been a major driver of this growth, especially as global gaming websites have become increasingly secure and improved the range if interactive games offered to players. Given the rise trusted online casinos during the last decade, it is little wonder that this market segment has enjoyed particularly pronounced growth levels.

Even though it is widely accepted that the online gaming market is a growth industry, however, you may be surprised to know exactly how lucrative this sector in. With this in mind, here are five spectacular online gaming statistics that will blow your mind in 2016: –

  1. The Online Gaming market was worth $41.4 billion at the end of 2015

A little over a decade ago, the global online gaming market was a burgeoning sector with hug growth potential. In 2005 this market was worth an estimated $13.8 billion, and while this figure was always likely to increase few could have anticipated the extent to which it has grown over the course of a decade. In fact, the value of the online gaming market has trebled in the space of 10 years and was worth an incredible $41.4 billion at the end of 2015.

  1. Tablet revenue will continue to grow at faster rate to Smartphones

While smartphones are generally considered to be the main driver of mobile, online gaming, this assertion is being gradually challenged. In fact, tablets are emerging as an increasingly dominant force that accounts for a significant portion of mobile gaming revenue. Interestingly, the level of gaming revenue generated by tablets is set to double between 2014 and 2018, rising from 3.51 billion Euros to an impressive 8.18 billion Euros.

  1. More than 33% of Adult gamers now play Online games with their children at least once a week

While video gaming is still primarily associated with male students and young adults, the online platform is home to a far more diverse playing demographic. Not only is this demographic older and more likely to be widely educated, but it also includes parents who are keen on playing interactive, online games with their children. More than 33% of adults play online games with the children at least once a week, for example, driving a demand for episodic, adventure games and titles that boast family-friendly content.

  1. Nearly 30% of Gamers are now aged 50 and above

On a similar note, it is important to consider the rising influence of older gamers and previously overlooked minority demographics. While mature and senior citizens have never been considered as targets for traditional game developers, for example, they continuing to display almost fanatical habits when playing online. A little under 30% of people online games are now aged 50 or above, with virtual casino titles the most popular among this demographic.

  1. The Online Bingo Audience has grown by 60 times since 2008

Online bingo is one of the most popular iterations of virtual gaming, with as many as two million people spend up to $3 billion a year playing this numbers game. This is incredible when you consider the niche nature of bingo and similar games.

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