Hillary Clinton plans to investigate Area 51 if she’s elected

UFOlogists just got a powerful ally in their corner, as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has promised to get to the bottom of all this Area 51 business if elected to the top office in the United States.

Seemingly unable to access information on the top secret site as both First Lady and Secretary of State, a President Hillary Clinton would fully investigate if aliens have indeed visited Earth, she told a New Hampshire newspaper on a recent campaign stop.

“Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” Clinton told the local paper ‘with enthusiasm.’

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, the former US president, have been discussing the topic of alien invaders over the past couple of Democratic Presidential nominating processes.

In 2007, while campaigning against then-Senator Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton said the No. 1 reason for Freedom of Information Act requests at the Clinton presidential library was regarding UFOs. Last year, Bill Clinton told late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel he wouldn’t be shocked if Earth is visited by aliens.

“I just hope it’s not like ‘Independence Day,'” he said, referring to the blockbuster movie starring Will Smith.

When Hillary Clinton was asked about her husband’s talk show comments regarding aliens, she said “I think we may have been (visited already). We don’t know for sure.”

Area 51 is an unofficial name given to an Air Force base in the Nevada desert. When Clinton was most recently asked about the legendary location, she first referred to the site as Area 54, but then corrected herself.

In that same Jimmy Kimmel interview, the former president said he had looked into the Nevada base, and said it is simply a place when stealth military technology is developed.

“There are no aliens there,” he said.

In talking to the New Hampshire paper, Hillary Clinton, said the chairman of her campaign, John Podesta, is a huge follower of UFO lore. Podesta has served directly under the current and last Democratic presidents.

“He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out,” Hillary Clinton said. “One way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51.”


Feature Image: Thinkstock