Pros, Cons of ID, Evolution

How can something so small become such a huge issue? The schools have been teaching evolution for so many years without the intelligent design theory being discussed that few have any idea of the scientific evidence that supports intelligent design or the many problems with the evolution theory.

The intelligent design theory is something that has been believed since the beginning of history, and until recent history has been pretty much the only theory of creation. The overwhelming majority of Americans believe in God, or a god, and therefore many believe in intelligent design. Scientists who believe in intelligent design look at the same evidence that the evolutionist scientists look at, but with the idea that there was a designer behind this complex creation.

The evolutionist looks at the evidence and says yes, the design is very complex but if given billions of years, creation is possible. If the evidence does not fit into the billions of years theory or support their theory of a creation without a designer, then they will sweep the evidence under the carpet.

The evolutionist plays a little game called the “Watch Game.” To play this game you lay a watch on a table and try to theorize how the watch came into existence. There is only one rule to play this game. You cannot say that a watchmaker made the watch. Go ahead and play the game, and remember it was not made by a designer.

I don’t call a game with a rule like that good science or a fair game. Evolution has many holes in it. There are many strong evidences that support intelligent design. What is it that frightens some people so much about taking scientific evidence and examining it from an intelligent design world view? I think it is because they do not want to answer to that intelligent designer. Someday they will answer to him whether they want to or not (Romans 14:10-12).

Since many are out of the loop with regard to evidence that supports intelligent design, I would like to recommend the book “Refuting Evolution” or “Refuting Evolution II” by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, and also the Web sight Maybe the whole community should attend an intelligent design/evolution conference and learn the pros and cons for each theory.

Chris Althouse lives in Dover.