IOC: Global Warming Could Affect Winter Olympics

The International Olympic Committee is beginning to worry about how global warming may affect future Olympic Games.

President of IOC, Jacques Rogge, told AFP the issue had been discussed during a meeting on Monday ahead of the Winter Olympics, which begin on February 12. The highlight of the meeting was over Cypress Mountain, near Vancouver, where the games will be held.

The mountain has been plagued by a lack of snow caused by warmer temperatures reaching un-seasonal highs of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime. The temperatures and lack of snow will wreak havoc on many of the events being held on the mountain.

Tons of snow have been transported in from elsewhere in an attempt to ready the area for the Games. Media outlets looking for news of the situation have been banned from visiting as the IOC works feverishly to be ready on time.

“Global warming of course is a worry,” Rogge said. “It might affect, in the long-term, the staging of Winter Games but I can tell you that today in the evaluation committee meeting we asked for statistics.” Looking for reports of what snow conditions are like in particular resorts for future venues is a must, but, this of course is no guarantee either, he added.

“Global warming is definitely a factor that must be taken into account in Olympic preparations,” noted Rogge. In the future, global warming will be a key issue when determining which cities will host Olympic Games. “In awarding the event to a host city, we must look at the climate and snow conditions and geography, as well as ways to alleviate any lack of snow.”

Artificial snow making machines and other tools have been brought in to help with the preparation for the Games.

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