Iran ‘Monkeygate’ Raises Suspicions

Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online

Iran may be trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, as some of the country’s sketchy business starts to come into light regarding its “success” in “sending a monkey to space.”

As previously reported on redOrbit, Iran made it known to the world it had successfully sent a monkey to space, after a previous attempt in 2011 failed. However, sources for this report were pretty patchy from the start.

While Iran was ringing the bell to the world that its mission to send a gray-tufted monkey into space was successful, Western monitors did not announce any missile launch from Iran. Also, there was no video from the launch, and only before pictures of the launch, none after.

The photos that emerged before the “launch” showed a monkey fitted into a foam seat, similar to a child’s seat, if that child was in a tight enclosure and they were unable to move.

The monkey showed in those pictures had light fur and a red mole featured just above its right eye. However, apparently going to space changes things drastically because new images of the “space monkey” show a monkey with no mole and darker fur.

The “launch” coincided with the 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, so a failed attempt could look bad, assuming there was any attempt at all.

Original reports from Press TV gave no details as to the flight, other than to say the rocket reached a height of 72 miles, which would be hard to miss for monitors that keep an eye on this kind of activity. This same report also said the monkey came back safe and sound, but failed to mention space had changed its hair color and fixed the ugly mole on its head.

Plenty of photos were made available of a rocket sitting on a launch pad, but no photos were made available of its “safe” return.

While the whole story had the stench of a cover-up from the beginning, national media really raised concerns when they brought the alleged space monkey into a press conference. The press conference monkey was obviously not the same as had been shown in the pictures before the “launch.”

Iran has ambitious plans to send a man into space next, but one could suggest they should use identical twins for the mission so this embarrassing moment doesn’t take place again, if something were to go amiss.

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