Rock, Paper, Scissors Robot Cheats, Wins Every Time

Lee Rannals for

It may be just a simple step toward world domination, but one robot is able to conquer its human adversary in a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” 100 percent of the time.

Ishikawa Oku Lab researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed the ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors fighting robot.

The robot, which is essentially a camera-connected mechanical hand, is completely incapable of losing at the game.

The hand-game dominator bot reads the shape of its human competitor’s hand faster than the human eye could, and then translates the reading to create its own preemptive response.

“Recognition of human hand can be performed at 1ms with a high-speed vision, and the position and the shape of the human hand are recognized,” the researchers wrote in a statement.

They said the wrist joint angel of the robot hand is controlled based on the position of the human hand.

Once the robot figures out the shape of the human hand, it plays either rock, paper or scissors, depending on which outcome would leave it the victor. In other words, the robot is capable of cheating faster than a human is capable of seeing.

The robot is not just a toy, but could prove to be a useful tool for engineers to develop machines that need to read a human’s movement, and respond adequately.

Although some may be worried about the implications this technology could have on the human race, the feat would be far more impressive if it were able to win just as amply when playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.”

If one does happen to find oneself embroiled in a battle to become the champion of Rock, Paper, Scissors, the researchers did not mention that their cheating robot is waterproof. So ensure you have a bucket of water nearby to secure your spot as the winner.