Angry Birds Spin-Off Released: Bad Piggies Get Their Revenge

John Neumann for – Your Universe Online

Fans of Angry Birds are loyal and are always looking to kill more imaginary pigs with each swipe of the slingshot. But have you considered the feelings of the green piggies? Well now you can. Rovio has released its long-awaited spin-off game called Bad Piggies and it follows the porcine plunderers around Piggy Island as you help them build vehicles that allow them to steal eggs, reports NDTV Gadgets.

Head of Game Developing at Rovio, Petri Jarvilehto, promised a unique gaming experience. “It´s an entirely new, completely unique game play experience. We´ve approached game play this time around from a very different angle. Angry Birds games are essentially like you´re shooting birds with a sling shot and the way we see the birds destroy things whereas the pigs they are the builders.”

“So this is a game that´s completely based around the concept of the pigs building things – they see delicious eggs and start heading that way and start building all kinds of devices to reach their goal,” he said.

Bad Piggies will include more than 60 levels, as well as future free updates that makes Angry Bird fans continue their excitement of the game promising hours of “pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun,” Rovio said. Fans will be able to unlock an additional 30 levels by getting three stars, and there are four “sandbox” levels that let players “stretch their creativity to the utmost,” writes Angela Moscaritolo for PC Mag.

Bad Piggies is available starting today for iOS, Android mobile platforms, as well as Mac and PC desktop versions.

In other Rovio-related news, Angry Birds has been updated with a Trilogy challenge feature, an achievement that will take an estimated 300 hours to complete, writes Matthew Reynolds for Digital Spy. The challenge will see players clear each stage – around 700 in total – with 100 percent destruction using the Mighty Eagle.

“I´d love to meet the guy who does that first, I´m just totally going to congratulate them,” said executive producer Kalle Kaivola at a press event attended by Digital Spy.

It was added that it will take players an “average” of 30 hours to simply complete play through every stage, and 100 hours to complete them with a three-star ranking.

Angry Birds Trilogy brings the mobile phenomenon to Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS for the first time. It offers the original Angry Birds and sequels Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio with new visuals and sounds designed for a high definition television.

It also includes Kinect and Move support, all-new stages and bonus content.