Durex Unveils Underwear That Allows Long-Distance Lovers To Have Fun

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com – Your Universe Online

Durex, arguably the biggest name in condoms, is taking foreplay to a whole new level. Just this week the company has unveiled a new line of electric clothing called Fundawear. The items are comprised of a bra and ‘his and hers’ electric pants. These articles of clothing also come with a specially designed app that can control certain aspects of the undergarments.

The creation actually comes from Durex Australia, a subsidiary of Durex and Reckitt Benckiser, a British multinational consumer goods company. The makers claim these sensual undies could be the “future of foreplay,” as they can enable long-distance lovers to “touch and tease” one another using a smartphone that has the app installed.

The technology was first shown off on Wednesday with the debut of a new commercial posted on the company´s YouTube page. The ad shows a young couple giggling as the man uses an app to feel his lover´s breast — to which the girlfriend says: “It feels like you’re touching me.”

The borderline erotic YouTube ad has been viewed more than 1.3 million times as of Saturday afternoon (Apr 20). A second video, also on Durex´s YouTube page, details how the naughty nighties came into being.

The idea behind the latest technology is that two lovers can share some sensual satisfaction while they are apart. The couple puts on their respective undies and buzzes each other over their iPhones. All that is required is the user’s imagination to feel like his/her partner is actually there doing the touching. The app screen has a diagram showing which body parts the Fundawear sensors are touching and by running a finger over those spots, the person on the receiving end gets a stimulating response from that sensor.

The actuators in the garments use the same technology that make smartphones vibrate. There are five actuators in each cup of the bra and six more in the pants of each his/her undies.

While the combination of touch technology, mixed with long-distance control and underwear are possibly a “world first,” The Guardian has reported Durex is not the first to come by the long-distance vibration technology for sensual pleasure.

The news agency reports Vibease, a mini vibrator that comes with its own text picture-messaging app, launched more than 6 months ago on Google Play. Another sexual product, LovePalz, was recently launched claiming to be the “world´s first internet-enabled sex toy.” While this tool doesn´t have an app, it definitely makes up for that with sexual realism.

Durex Australia said their Fundawear product is still in the experimental stages and has no word on when it will hit store shelves. Interested parties can visit the company´s Facebook page for more information on how to get their hands on a free prototype.