Christmas Dinner In A Tin Can Designed With Gamers In Mind

Gerard LeBlond for – Your Universe Online
A Kingston University graphic design student from London has developed an all-day Christmas feast that comes in a tin can. It is called the Christmas “tinner” and consists of nine layers of processed food. It was designed with gamers in mind or even for people who are too busy to cook.
Layer one is made up of scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast; layer two has two mince pies; layer three consists of turkey and potatoes; layer four has the gravy; layer five has bread sauce; layer six has cranberry sauce; layer seven is made up of either Brussels sprouts with stuffing or broccoli with stuffing; layer eight has roast carrots and parsnips; and layer nine consists of Christmas pudding as a final dessert.
The inventor of the Christmas tinner is 24-year-old third year graphic design student, Chris Godfrey from Eastbourne. He processed the food, placed it in the tin one layer at a time and sealed it with gelatin.
“I tried to ensure when creating the menu that all the flavors complemented one another and it was designed so that gamers can tuck into one layer at a time, starting with breakfast and finishing off with Christmas pudding – the perfect festive meal without any of the fuss,” Godfrey said.
The tinner is being sold at the Basingstoke store of the UK video game retailer GAME. It has also been featured on BBC radio one, ITV’s This Morning, Saturday Night Live in the US, and on TV News on four continents.
GAME Retail marketing director commented on the tinner: “This Christmas is set to be an epic one for gaming, especially as households all over the UK wake up to a new PS4 or Xbox One console under the Christmas tree. And for those who can’t wait to get stuck into their latest goodies, the Christmas tinner is our gifting solution combining the best of both worlds: so gamers can feast on the latest releases and the finest food at the same time.”
This is not Godfrey’s first attempt at creating dinner in a can. Earlier this year he came up with the concept of a 12-course feast in a can, consisting of pickled Kobe beef with charred strawberry and roast pork belly with celeriac to palate cleansing pear and ginger juice.

Image Below: The Christmas tinner by Kingston University London student Chris Godfrey. Credit: GAME