‘Tworlds’ app shows people doing same thing as you

Brian Galloway for redOrbit.com – @brigallo17

Sometimes you’re in the middle of something and can’t help but think, “Is anyone else doing the exact same thing I am right now, or am I completely unique in this moment?”

Well now there’s an app for that, and it’s here to tell you that you’re not a special snowflake.

Cross-country photo sharing

Tworlds is a photo-based app that works to connect people worldwide through their smartphone. You log in, choose a “theme” based on what you’re doing, and take a picture of your surroundings. The app matches you with another user who chose the same theme and stitches the pictures together for comparison.

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The app tracks your location (on a citywide level, you’re not sharing your address) and shows the distance between the pairing. Take a picture of the rising sun with the theme “#horizon”, and you might be paired with someone in Japan watching the sun set.

Check it out:

Daydreaming a design

Dutch designer Antoine Peters came up with the idea while daydreaming in his house, according to Wired. He wanted the app to avoid the overly-curated nature of modern smartphone use. When you take a picture through Tworlds there are no filters, and there is no editing. You’re just sharing your surroundings in a very raw fashion.

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Currently there are only 26 different “themes” which limits the potential breadth of pictures. The app allows users to suggest a theme, so more could be added if there’s enough demand.

There are seven billion people in the world. Somewhere on Earth there is probably someone doing the exact same thing you’re doing right now. Thanks Tworlds, now people are having existential crises.

The app is currently only available on iOS.


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