9-year-old explains Net Neutrality better than we did

Christopher Pilny for redOrbit.com – @NotRealChainsaw
Over the past year or so, we’ve tried to explain Net Neutrality with any number of articles. You can read them here:

Wade Sims, Chuck Bednar, and the rest of our writers did a brilliant job of breaking it all down, but it wasn’t until reddit dad (dadditor) KVW260 posted his 9-year-old son’s explanation of Net Neutrality that we thought, “Ok, yeah. This makes complete sense.”
We turn to him for the full story:

My 9-year old son spends a lot of time online and recently came to me asking what Net Neutrality meant. I explained it the best I could. I’m just okay with current political events and he had a lot of questions. Had to actually look up some answers.
I recently overheard him explaining it to one of his friends, much better than I could, like this:
Pretend ice cream stores gave away free milkshakes. But you had to buy a straw to drink them. But that’s okay, because you still get free milkshakes. One day you’re drinking a free milkshake and you look down and the guy that sold you the straw is pinching it almost shut. You can still get your milkshake, but it’s really hard and takes a lot longer.
So you say, “Hey! Stop that!” And the straw guy says, “NO! Not until the ice cream store pays me money.” And you say, “But I already paid you money for the straw.” And the straw guy says, “I don’t care. I just want more money.”
I think he nailed it.

Somebody should get this kid in Congress.
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