SexFit, the world’s first penis pedometer, has hit the market

It was only a matter of time before someone had the bright idea to take the technology featured in fitness trackers and pedometers, and combine it with every red-blooded male’s favorite brand of exercise—sex. Behold, the SexFit, better known as the world’s first penis pedometer.

As Engadget and the Huffington Post explain, the device is a combination activity monitor and sex toy that fits securely over a man’s gentleman sausage. Specifically, it is fitted to the base of the penis, where it apparently traps blood to improves the quality of a man’s erection while also measures the quality of his performance using an accelerometer and wireless connectivity.

The SexFit, which was designed and marketed by UK adult retailer Bondara, can be synched up to a mobile app that will record statistics such as number of thrusts per minute and the amount of calories burned during a particularly intense session. For those who are truly proud of their work, there’s even an option to share the numbers via social media. Yes, really.

When Bondara first announced the SexFit last year, the device was only a prototype. Recently, however, the company posted an update  proclaiming that the concept of sex-tracking technology was “settling in”, and that their research and development team was “coming up with more and more ideas for future projects in this area.”

SexFit was only the beginning, it seems

“Historically, sex toys have always evolved with technology,” Bondara representative Louise Bagley said in a press release. “[SexFit] is a natural next step alongside the influx of personal health trackers and with the added benefit of improving an individual’s sex life.”

In addition to its fitness tracker-like capabilities, the device doubles as a pleasure enhancer, the company explained. It vibrates at pre-determined intervals, and has five LED lights atop the unit that will light up once they guy begins doing his thing at a steady rhythm.

Now, Bondara is looking to tech bedroom gadgets to the next level by offering something known as the Kirroo Couple’s Set, which includes VR headsets, an Interactive Masturbator for men, and an Interactive G-Spot Vibrator for women that allows a couple to enjoy virtual reality intercourse over long distances.

“The future of sex toys and the fascinating world of sex tech is growing everyday and constantly coming up with innovative and exciting new concepts that will expand the kinky world as we know it,” the company said. “We at Bondara are excited to be delving into this new frontier and we would love to take you with us on this adventure into the future.”


Feature Image: Bondara