This iPhone case has an Android phone on the back, and it’s the coolest thing ever

Even been out and about with your iPhone, and found yourself wishing all of a sudden that it was an Android device instead? Me neither, but apparently someone out there has, or else the idea for the Eye phone case would never have been born (or had its campaign posted on Kickstarter).

What exactly is the Eye? According to The Verge, it’s an iPhone case that essentially attaches an entire Android phone to the back of your phone, turning it into what the website calls “a strange Franken-phone, where one side is an iPhone, the other an Android device.”

The case features a five-inch AMOLED display and runs Android 7.1 Nougat OS, Cult of Mac explained. It features an SD card slot, two SIM trays and up to 256GB storage, can use the rear-facing camera on the iPhone for selfies, features wireless charging of its 2800mAh battery and adds a headphone jack as well, and can be ordered for the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and the Plus versions of all three phones.

While the Eye is being produced by Esti Inc., a Israeli start-up that The Verge noted has never actually shipped a product before, the Kickstarter campaign has already exceeded its $95,000 fundraising goal. The company has the ambitious plan of shipping by August or September of this year, and interested parties can currently secure one at the “early-bird special” price of $95 (without 4G) or $129 (with 4G).

So exactly what do you get for your money?

In addition to the specs listed above, Esti Inc. promises that the Eye’s screen will be 0.3 inches larger than the iPhone’s native display, as well as higher resolution (1920×1080 for the Eye vs. 1334×750 for the LCD display on Apple’s smartphone), as well as expandable storage.

Furthermore, they promise that an app can be used to back-up iPhone pictures and videos to a microSD card, where they can be accessed using any Android file explorer, and that those files are transferred via the iPhone’s Lightning connector at speeds of up to 130MB per second.

Esti Inc. has already raised more than $100,000 through their Kickstarter campaign, and if they can make it to $500,000, they are promising to add an additional 7200mAh of battery power to bring the total to 10000mAh, which they said will allow the case to double as a power bank for the iPhone. Other stretch goals include wireless car changing and waterproofing.

One potential drawback, as Softpedia pointed out, is that this case would make an iPhone much, much thicker than normal, causing it to look like “two smartphones glued together” – or, as The Verge put it, having an Android handset duct-taped to the back of an iPhone.

While Softpedia is hopeful that the added functionality “would compensate for a heavier phone,” The Verge is less optimistic, arguing that the Eye’s features would “add… nothing that a regular full-fledged Android phone wouldn’t provide.” Even so, one would have to argue that at least it is still a better deal than the $5,500 golden crocodile leather iPhone case currently being sold by Paris fashion designer Louis Vuitton!


Image credit: Eye/Kickstarter