Napera Networks Eliminates Need for Multiple Security Appliances With Integrated Firewall and VPN

Napera Networks ( today announced it has integrated additional security functions into the Napera N24 network access control solution, removing the need to deploy multiple security appliances. The new version includes a built-in firewall, DHCP server and remote access VPN, as well as further enhancements to Napera’s in the cloud management service. Customers can now use a single product to control access and enforce identity for all users, whether they are working remotely or on the local area network, across wired and wireless environments.

“We are always listening to customer needs, and we heard clearly that companies want greater integration and a common user and management experience for onsite and remote network access control,” said Todd Hooper, CEO and founder, Napera Networks. “This latest release makes it easier and more affordable for SMEs to manage network access and improve their overall security, while eliminating the need for and overhead of a separate firewall, DHCP Server and VPN product.”

The Napera network access control product differentiates itself in the market with its software as a service model that includes the Napera N24 appliance and management service. Designed for the smaller enterprise, Napera uniquely addresses computer health for Windows and Macintosh, identity enforcement, and guest access in a single solution. Napera leverages existing infrastructure and directly uses Microsoft’s Network Access Protection technology to simplify deployment and administration. The service provides real-time visibility, reporting, and logging, without requiring any local servers.

The new version of the Napera N24 builds on Napera’s strategy of delivering a comprehensive solution that helps small and medium sized enterprises succeed at network security, including additional capabilities for remote access, integrated security for smaller offices, and enhanced “in the cloud” management features with

 --  Remote Access VPN:  Extends Napera's wired and wireless network access     control to cover remote users with VPN tunneling and endpoint health checks     via Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP). The first VPN protocol     Napera is supporting is PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol), which is     included by default in Microsoft Windows and also available for both Linux     and Mac OS X. Napera will be supporting other VPN protocols in future     releases. --  Integrated Edge Security: Includes a built-in, stateful Internet     firewall and DHCP server, providing essential security functions in a     single solution managed through This removes the need for IT     managers to deploy additional firewall appliances or servers in small and     branch offices. --  Enhanced "In the Cloud" Management:  Multiple Administrator Log-on     feature allows IT teams to share management responsibility and easily track     configuration changes.  A Configuration Snapshot capability provides     automatic online backup and recovery of appliance configurations.      

The Napera solution with all of the new features is available immediately through Napera’s worldwide channel of distributors, value added resellers, system integrators and other partners. All current Napera customers will receive the upgrade as part of their subscription. The Napera N24 appliance is available for $3,495.00, which includes the first year subscription to the online service and one-year hardware and software maintenance.

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Napera Networks helps small and medium-sized enterprises succeed at network security. Napera offers a line of integrated network access control products and Web services that ensure only healthy computers and authorized users access the network. With Napera, IT professionals can confidently allow worker mobility, wireless networking, and guest Internet and printer access, while keeping the network safe and secure. Napera is the only network access control solution that is purpose-built for the SME but with enterprise-class performance and security. For more information, go to

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