Bing Gains Market Share For 5th Consecutive Month

Microsoft increased the market share of its new Bing Internet search engine by half a percentage point last month, according to figures released Tuesday by comScore.

The Internet tracking firm said Bing’s share of the lucrative search and advertising market had increased to 9.9 percent — the fifth month in a row Microsoft increased its market share in the Internet search sector.

Microsoft launched its Bing search engine in June, combined with a $100 million advertising initiative to challenge Google Inc.’s dominance in the search and advertising market. 

Google also added half-a-point to its market share in October, reaching 65.4 percent, while Yahoo’s market share dropped 0.8 percent to 18.0 percent. lost 0.1 percent during the month and now has a 2.9 percent market share, while was unchanged at 3.9 percent.

Yahoo and Microsoft unveiled a 10-year Web search and advertising partnership in July in a bid to take on Google. 
The agreement, which is expected to close early next year pending a government anti-trust review, calls for Yahoo to use Microsoft’s search engine on its own sites and to provide the global sales force for premium advertisers. 

Microsoft has added several innovations and enhancements to Bing in recent months.   Last week, the software giant said it would incorporate search results from the WolframAlpha search engine to queries on the topics of nutrition, health, and advanced mathematics.

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