Redania’s Most Wanted in Witcher 3

This quest is unlocked just after Geralt and Vernon Roche meet with King Radovid at the Chess Club. Radovid spoke about chess as the game of kings and recalled his encounter with Geralt during their previous meeting at Oxenfurt. First was their actual game of chess. Second, by treating Geralt like a pawn he could send out to do his bidding.

Radovid’s requested move was for Geralt to take the sorceress Philippa Eilhart. The king’s spies had reported of the sorceress’ presence in the elven ruins outside of Novigrad. Geralt resisted the attempts, but he owed Radovid a favor, so he had no other choice until he talked with Triss Merigold, who gave him another reason to pursue Philippa.

  1. After meeting with Radovid, visit the ruins and talk to the witch hunters.
  2. Get the piece of tile from the witch hunters.
  3. Enter the crevasse and look for the sealed door.
  4. Facing the sealed door, check your right side wall. There will be an empty slot. Examine it and place the tile you got from the witch hunters.
  5. Proceed inside and use the portal to go further in.
  6. Use the Aard sign to charge and activate crystals. The charged crystals will provide power for the portals.
  7. After entering the reopened portal, Geralt meets with a trapped witch hunter. Collect from him another crystal to proceed further inside the hideout.
  8. Take the crystal you got from the trapped witch hunter and place it here. Use Aard to charge the crystal and open another portal.
  9. Enter this tunnel to see where it leads you.
  10. Here you will find another crystal.
  11. Get out of the tunnel and place the crystal here. Use Aard to charge it and open a portal.
  12. Defeat Ifrit, the fire golem, to proceed to Philippa’s hideout.
  13. Here we will find a polished crystal.Make it a habit to check and investigate everything.
  14. Get out of the cave and, when confronted by the witch hunters, lie to them about what you found. Choose the first option and don’t tell them anything.
  15. Talk to Triss about the crystal. Tell her that you were offered a contract by Radovid. And that you took the contract to find Philippa first and understand why she’s being hunted.
  16. Now proceed to meet with King Radovid and tell him that Philippa is: a. Dead or b. She is attempting to restore her sight. Radovid will be displeased with the report using either of the answers presented to him.

After talking to Radovid, the quest is completed. However, during Geralt’s visit with Triss, the quest A Matter of Life and Death is unlocked as she receives a letter from Ingrid Vegelbud about her helping the mages escape Novigrad.