Tropical Weather Systems

Tropical systems are weather features that form in the tropics and can become very intense areas of low pressure that impact many coastal regions throughout the world. They usually form between 5 and 15 latitude. This is because a tropical system is a vertical extension in the atmosphere of a large thunderstorm development. In order for these thunderstorms to move they need something in the upper levels to help them move. That is where the spinning of the earth comes into play for them which is best found at 5-15 degrees latitude. Tropical weather systems form throughout the world. There are many different names for these storms. In the United States they are known as Hurricanes. In Japan and the Western Pacific they are known as Typhoons. In India and Australia they are called Tropical Cyclones.

There are several stages of a weather systems in the tropics. The first stage is called a tropical wave. This is an area of thunderstorm development beginning to show presence. The second stage is called a tropical depression. The tropical wave is getting better organized with the cluster of thunderstorms around it. The third stage is called a tropical storm. The storm gets stronger with winds in excess of 34mph and is given a name. The fourth stage of development is called a Hurricane/Typhoon/Cyclone. The winds are very strong in excess of 74mph and the presence of an eye forms on the storm.

These storms can further intensify into what is known as Major Hurricanes or Super Typhoons when they become a  Category 3 status.

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