Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear in Witcher 3

Diagram Locations

  1. Fast travel to St. Gregory (it’s the closest I could get at the time) and proceed to the marked area.
  2. You’ll need to figure your way towards this cave.
  3. Once inside, defeat the golem near the fountain.
  4. Proceed to this room. You’ll need to re-orient the statues and have them facing inwards, towards the center.
  5. As you completely re-orient the statues, the floor separates revealing a pool with three drowners.
  6. Defeat the drowners using your crossbow.
  7. After taking care of them, dive down to check and pick up the laboratory key.
  8. The key will open the locked laboratory door.
  9. Inside is the nasty looking Kiyan and you’ll need to defeat him.
  10. Here you’ll immediately obtain four feline diagrams. Feline Trousers, Gauntlets, Boots, and Armor.
  11. You will also pickup the relic Moonblade Silver Sword with 217-265 Damage and three empty slots for inserting runes.
  12. Next, we will need to find a boat to get to our next destination.
  13. Get inside the sunken boat and open the chest to get the fifth diagram, Feline Crossbow.
  14. If you wander a bit, you will find a baselisk resting in its nest. If you get rid of it and search for goodies, you will find another relic, Longclaw Steel Sword.
  15. As you proceed to the next location, do a pass by Drahim Castle to activate fast travel if you haven’t done so already. You will be coming back here later to get the seventh and final diagram.
  16. For now, we explore the Est Tayiar ruins. There is a crevace on the ground. Examine the stone slab with the markings of what seems to be a cat.
  17. Climb down and use the Ard sign to reveal a chamber.
  18. Search the chamber. It is here you’ll find the sixth diagram, Feline Silver Sword.
  19. And finally, we get back to Drahim Castle. Before you enter though, you’ll need to take care of the bandits. Look for the ladders that lead to the basement. This is where you will find the final diagram, the Feline Steel Sword.

Now that we’ve collected the diagrams, all we need to do is gather the required materials and have them forged.

Visit us next time as we will also be covering other witcher gears. In the meantime, if you like what we did, leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and opinions.