Tesla Issues Plans for Supercharge Stations for Cybertruck

Tesla is currently planning pilot Supercharge stations specifically designed for its upcoming Cybertrucks. The station will feature longer and wider parking spaces for the larger Cybertrucks and will be located at a city-owned parking lot at 85 E. State Street in Pasadena, CA.

The information comes from paperwork filings with the Pasadena Water and Power Department that includes plans for a total of 20 charging stations, six of which will be designated for the Cybertruck. If Pasadena approves the installation, the stations will be in place for at least five years with a possible two-year extension.

According to the filing, “Under the recommended Agreement, Tesla will install and operate 20 Tesla Supercharging charging stations at their expense. PWP will install up to seven DCFC EV charging stations, and up to 20 Level 2 chargers, that may be used by all types of electric vehicles.”

The Cybertruck dimensions did raise some eyebrows with a reported 82-inch width, which is wider than most cars and available residential parking spaces. Some potentially interested customers questioned whether the Cybertruck could fit into a typical garage. Elon Musk did address the issue in a Tweet:

“We can prob reduce width by an inch & maybe reduce length by 6+ inches without losing on utility or esthetics. Min height is below 75 inches when air suspension set to low. Will post exact number soon.”

The Cybertruck is not the only truck with dimensions that might make it too large for most standard parking spaces. Some pickup truck owners have reported difficulty with fitting longer trucks like the Ford F-150 Supercrew and Dodge RAM into their garages and finding adequately sized parking spaces in public parking lots. Owners of smaller cars have also reported that it can be inconvenient to park next to a larger vehicle in a busy parking lot.

Pasadena Water and Power has already held a meeting with government officials in which it stated that it could install seven universal DC fast chargers and up to 20 Level 2 chargers for electric vehicles made by other manufacturers. This is in addition to Tesla’s planned Superchargers. The planned site will also include lighting, security cameras, and Wi-Fi capability.

Designated charging lots for electric vehicles, especially large ones like the Cybertruck, are likely to be popular with Tesla owners who would like to have the same convenience as gas-powered car owners enjoy. If successful, Tesla may consider adding Cybertruck charging stations to its already existing network of Supercharge stations.

This does not seem to have slowed down pre-orders of Cybertrucks. At a recent event, Elon Musk indicated that pre-orders have already surged well past 500,000 and dropped a comment hinting that it is approaching 600,000.