Tesla Releases Winter Tire and Wheel Package for Model Y

Tesla has announced the release of a winter tire and wheel package for the Model Y just in time for preparations for snowy weather in the northern hemisphere. The new package will cover 20-inch wheels for the Model Y.

Tesla already has a 19-inch winter option for the same model that is less expensive than the new 20-inch option. 19-inch and 18-inch packages are also available for the Model X and Model 3. Although the smaller wheel size might help with the electric vehicle’s range, some users may not want to go through all the trouble of making the switch or like the idea of being able to ride just a little higher on the road.

The Importance of Good Tire Grip

Many vehicle owners may know somebody who had a spinout on icy roads in the winter if that hasn’t happened to them. Over time, even the best winter tires can lose their traction and need to replaced. However, this task is often neglected and worn-out tires can become a factor in accidents in which icy and snowy conditions or wet and slick roads were a contributing variable.

According to USDOT Federal Highway Administration data, snowy and icy roads are a factor in 1,836 deaths and 136,309 injuries caused by automobile accidents every year in the United States. This is about 3.6 times the total deaths in which all other hazardous weather conditions were a contributing factor.

Would good winter tires have prevented all these deaths? Probably not, but better grip on the road can reduce your risk of having a serious accident while driving in the winter. If you live in a place like Florida that doesn’t get a lot of snow, you’re lucky, but it’s still a good idea to check your tire tread on a regular basis in case you have to drive in rainy conditions, which can make the roads slicker than normal. However, many people are unaware that winter tires should be replaced about every six years or when the tread starts getting low. Your local tire place might be able to measure your tire tread and advise you on your tire replacement needs.

Where Can You Get Tesla Winter Tires and Wheels?

The best place to look is in Tesla’s online shop, which is most advisable if you know how to swap out the wheels and tires on your Tesla vehicle. (The do-it-yourself option can be a great money-saver if you know what you’re doing even though good winter tires are rarely cheap.) You can also ask your local tire place to find you something suitable.

Either way, it’s definitely advisable to be ready for winter driving with a new set of winter tires and wheels if you haven’t replaced them recently. Tesla’s new 20-inch wheel and tire package for the Model Y may be helpful if you prefer to be a little farther off the world or don’t want to go through the extra effort needed to switch to a smaller size.