This anonymous syndrome has a name: Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia treating

So, you’ve been to every doctor to treat your neck pain. You’ve undergone every test imaginable, and had every painkiller and steroid prescribed to you. There’s still no sign of relief. Worse still, the doctor is unable to detect the illness associated with your condition. If you are one of these people who are suffering from severe pain in a particular part of your body, then you need to know that this illness has a name. It is known as fibromyalgia, a long-lasting condition that is accompanied by acute pain in any part of your body.

Know more about this nameless condition

The symptoms of this particular ailment are such that people often confuse them with some other condition. In most cases, people suffer from acute headache or migraine. It may be so severe that they may end up puking and feeling completely drained out.

Some people have pain especially in the neck region, which makes it impossible for them to manage it. There will be days when you will be unable to get up from the bed due to this chronic condition.

This is no exaggeration! It is what most patients undergo. You may experience insomnia. You may feel exhaustion even after consuming proper food. This condition can be traumatic for you both physically and psychologically, because you do not know whom to consult.

You may have knocked every door

Doctors generally start by conducting all the tests that are related to muscle and bone problems via MRI or CT scans. Sometimes, they even consider visiting a neurologist to see if the root cause of this debilitating state is their brain!

When the tests come back negative, the frustration level reaches a new level.  You start assuming that you may have this ailment or that and resume visiting the respective specialists, expecting them to literally rescue you from this no way out state! You may be willing to try just about any treatment people recommend. This whole process involves a lot of money and investment from your part.  Not everyone can afford these costly visits to the doctors.

Eureka! The detection is somewhere near

The major thing that is involved here is the monitoring of the risk factors. This syndrome is more rampant in women than in men, but it can strike anyone anytime!

If you have ever suffered from any physical or psychological trauma or some muscle or joint problem, then you are at the risk of developing this condition at some point in your life. It is crucial to manage it in this initial stage.

The detection process is more or less dependent on testing eighteen tender points in your body. If eleven of them turn positive, then you are likely to have this condition. These points are located in your neck, arm, hip, knee regions.

The patient is observed for three months along with some other tests that are related to blood or urine.

There is a ray of hope

As there are no such cures for fibromyalgia, you can prevent it from altering your daily way of living. The priority should be to remain stress free, do not let stress overpower you. You can take massages and other therapies along with exercise and yoga. Meditation helps you to compose your state and calms your mind. You can always consult your therapist and engage in healthy conversation.

It is essential to divert your mind by participating in different activities of your interest. You can join aerobics and dance classes. The support of your family and friends is equally important.  In this fight against fibromyalgia, many people are with you.

Updated August 30, 2016, for clarity and to fix some grammatical errors.