The Illuminated Beast of the Sea of Clouds in Genshin Impact

This is Ganyu’s story quest. This feature is unlocked at Adventure Rank 40 and players are able to participate provided they have enough keys to unlock a character’s story. Keys are obtain when players have completed eight daily quests.

Sinae Unicornis Chapter: Act 1

The quest starts when Ganyu, for sometime, had disappeared, and three secretaries from the Jade Chamber were found outside the Yujing Terrace. Talking about how difficult Ganyu’s workload were that even the three of them couldn’t handle it.

  1. Proceed to Mount Aocang and talk to Ganyu about why she left Liyue.
  2. While in the middle of a conversation, Cloud Retainer will appear and join the discussion and begin to narrate Ganyu’s story.
    • Most benevolent among all Adepti are the Qilin.
    • They drink only spring water and eat only whole grain.
    • But perhaps the mountainous dwellings of Adepti in Jueyun Karst might be too lonely for her human side.
    • Under moonlight did one see her last.
    • She stood by the precipice’s edge.
    • And upon the mist-veiled mountains she gazed.
    • Her thin figure was immersed in the vast sea of clouds.
    • One noticed her loneliness and sought to convince her to go back to the human world.
    • But, just then, she said thus: “Liyue harbor feels even lonelier that Jueyun Karst. When I look at the sea of clouds in Jueyun Karst, I merely feel the loneliness of a solitary cloud gazer. When I step into the sea of people in Liyue, I feel the loneliness of an inhuman that doesn’t belong to the human world”
  3. Visit Ganyu prior to starting her trials.
  4. As her trial starts, you may use any character with cryo abilities to activate the elemental monuments.
  5. Use the air currents to fly up and across areas.
  6. After completing this trial, head towards Xiao’s location for the second trial.
  7. Start the trial by interacting with the Ley Line Monolith.
  8. Defend it from the wave’s of monsters.
  9. Once completed, report back to Xiao and tend to the visitor.
  10. Return to Liyue Harbor with Ganyu.
  11. Speak with Huixin at Yuehai Pavilion.
  12. Talk to Bolai about his taxes at the Wanyou Boutique.
  13. Visit Master Lu of the Fanmu Carpenter’s to verify Bolai’s accusations of tax evasion by Dongshengs the Second Life.
  14. Clear Master Lu’s warehouse of unwanted occupants.
  15. Check the back of the warehouse to obtain the invoice from Second Life.
  16. Report to Huixin and tell her what you found.
  17. Visit Dongsheng and tell him about what you found out.
  18. Proceed to Xinyeu Kiosk for the meal appointment.
  19. Visit the Jade Chamber secretaries with Ganyu.

Ganyu will then resume her position as the secretary then the quest is completed. Check back for more Genshin Impact character story gameplays. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments section below.