The Isle of Mists Part 1 in Witcher 3

Before arriving at the Isle of Mists to find Ciri, Geralt must first search for allies to help fight against the Wild Hunt. The other Witchers and Sorceresses are at Kaer Morhen, preparing for what is to happen next.

Geralt visits old friends, allies, and foes to ensure victory in the possible Wild Hunt attack to increase their chances of defeating the Wild Hunt.

Brothers In Arms – Nilfgaard

Left without a choice, Geralt appears before Emhyr var Emreis to seek help protecting Ciri at Kaer Morhen. Geralt tells Emhyr that he was out to get Ciri then bring her to the Witchers Keep. Emhyr objects and insists that he be the one to take care of her daughter.

Geralt persuades him to reconsider how dangerous the Wild Hunt can be for his men and that Vizima will turn into ruins once the Wild Hunt succeeds with its mission. Emhyr agrees to send troops towards Kaer Morhen on the condition that General Voorhis leads his army.

To much dismay, Geralt disagrees with the condition given the bitter history between him and General Voorhis. Unable to agree, Geralt respectfully leaves the chambers.

Brothers In Arms – Novigrad

Following the disappointment at Vizima, Geralt proceeds to speak with Zoltan, Roche, and Djikstra about going to Kaer Morhen to fight with the attacking Wild Hunt.

Remember that the help you will get depends on whether you made them owe a great debt to Geralt. So it’s always better to get on the good side of every character you meet in-game as “what you sow, ye shall reap.”

Brothers In Arms – Skellige

After arriving in the isles of Skellige, our main objective is to meet with Crach an Craite & the Jarls and then Ermion of the druids.

  1. Before going to Crach, talk to Ermion first. Ask for his help with the fight against the Wild Hunt.
  2. Now head to the Kaer Trolde and talk with Crach.
  3. Crach sees Geralt as an adopted son of Skellige. However, he will declined personal attendance at Kaer Morhen. Instead, he gives Geralt a sword, the legendary Winters Blade, a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.
  4. After receiving the sword, find Cerys at the isle of Svorlag and help her unravel the mystery of Udalryk’s madness.
  5. Proceed to the marked area in the map. Use your Witcher Sense to investigate the tracks and find the unconcious Cerys.
  6. As she wakes up, Cerys tells Geralt why she was inside the house. That she was looking for the Uldaryk’s ancestral sword Brokvar. She proceeds to narrate the story about Udalryk and his brother Aki who went overboard during a storm.


After talking to Cerys about the ill fate of Aki and the curse that has plagued Udalryk, Geralt is now tasked to find the sword named Brokvar.

  1. Go back inside the burned down house and search the rooms to find a key to the cellar.
  2. The key can be found in the first room on the stone wall.
  3. Use that key to open the cellar located further to the right of the main door.
  4. Enter the cellar and use your Witcher Sense to find the table where sword is. Upon picking up the sword, a mysterious figure appears from the shadows.
  5. Tell Cerys that you found the sword. Then make your way towards Udalryk’s home.
  6. Geralt talks to Jarl Udalryk about the voices Uldaryk has been hearing. That it has nothing to do with the gods, rather it was his conscience telling him that he was the cause of Aki’s death.
  7. Take the sword and place it near Aki’s bones underwater.
  8. Upon your return, it is reported that Udalryk has been commanded by the so called gods to poke out his eye.
  9. Geralt identifies the true cause of Udalryk’s madness. He tells Cerys that a Hym has been able to latch into Udalryk, feeding off of his pain and fueling the guilty conscience.
  10. Both hatch a plan to lure out the hym using two methods. First, by pretending to do an evil deed so it would leave the host and latch onto you. Second, is to spend the night in the hym’s lair (the burned down house) with the affected individual.
  11. Spending the night in the hym’s lair is not quite as challenging so we took the first option, tricking it so it would move on to another host. But once it finds out that it had been tricked, the hym will leave the host and disappear. You’ll have to use your Witcher Sense and examine the chimney.
  12. To trick the hym, enter the rooms and look for a cradle. Then go outside and talk to Cerys.
  13. Cerys’ plan was to kidnap Udalryk’s baby. You then have to choose whether to return the baby to Udalryk or place the baby inside the oven.
  14. Choose option two and put the baby in the oven and defeat Udalryk’s men.
  15. During the battle, Udalryk would have the time to retrieve the child and seeing it was unharmed, Geralt and Cerys explain that everything was necessary to get rid of the hym.

After the cut scene, the quest is then completed and unlocks the King’s Gambit. We will then have to talk to Crach about choosing the rightful successor to the throne.