The Isle of Mists Part 2 in Witcher 3

After Uldaryk’s curse is lifted, Geralt proceeds to Kaer Trolde keep meeting with Crach to collect a reward. The gates have been closed according to the tradition that the jarls hold a feast and, afterward, select their new king.

King’s Gambit

  1. Arnvald greets Geralt at the gate and brings him to the hall where the jarls have been gathered.
  2. We arrive witnessing Cerys arguing with her brother.
  3. After listening a bit of their squabble, proceed to meet with Crach in his chambers. Birna, exits the room and expresses the dislike about the selection process. Saying that it is more like a “farmers market” where “votes have been bought and sold”.
  4. As soon as Geralt receives the sword, Fate, a loud sound is heard coming from the banquet hall. Geralt and Crach run towards it and witness bears attacking everyone they see.
  5. Defeat the bears. Afterwards, a cutscene will play and the remaining jarls suspect that it was a sabottage planned by Crach to eleminate competion to the throne.
  6. Using your Witcher Sense, look around and investigate how the bears came to be and who was behind it.
  7. Investigate this bowl and follow where the scent leads to find a horn mug.
  8. Take the horn and show it to Hjort.
  9. Follow Cerys into the wine cellar and check the barrels for any signs of contamination.
  10. Right after Geralt spoke of finding out where the barrel came from, an incendiary was tossed into the wine cellar and causing the barrels to catch fire. Escape the burning cellar by using Aard on this barrels.
  11. After exiting the cellar through a tunnel, head back to the cellar entrance and use Witcher Sense to check for clues.
  12. Follow the foot prints until you reach this area to find a torn cloth caught in the torch holder. The pyromaniac was actually Arnvald.
  13. Chase the escaping Arnvald and knock him off the horse by attacking with the sword or with the crossbow.
  14. He then tells Geralt the reason why he did the deed. Cerys also finds out the Arnvald was not working alone. That Birna Bran, the widow of King Bran, was the one behind all of it.
  15. The remaining jarls are assembled as demanded by Cerys. She then proceeds to name Birna as the traitor who caused the slaughter.
  16. However the jarls were not convinced after all the evidence that was presented. Only when Svanrige was questioned his mother of why he was removed from the hall prior to the massacre did they believe Cerys. Birna succumbs and admits the deed.
  17. Birna is sentenced to die and Svanrige be exiled. Cerys is then crowned as Queen of Skellige. She agrees to help with defending Kaer Morhen from the Wild Hunt by sending Hjalmar and their best warriors.

Both King’s Gambit and Brothers in Arms – Skellige are completed. Now let us proceed to the Isle of Mists.

Isle of Mists

  1. Get to the docks and find a boat. Head to this location. Also make sure to manually save the game before proceeding.
  2. When you arrive at the Isle of Mists, follow the firefly until it stops near a hut. Go and check what’s inside the hut.
  3. Inside the hut are survivors of a shipwreck. They won’t let Geralt in for fear of being killed.
  4. Geralt offers them to find their lost mates Ivo, Gaspard, and Ferenc.
  5. Ivo can be found on top of a rock, instead of a cave as the game states.
  6. Gaspard is found at the top of the lighthouse.Take him back to the hut. Be careful not to leave him behind as he has narcolepsy.
  7. Ferenc is found near the coast and appears to have been killed by a fiend.
  8. Now that you have brought back Gaspard, you are then able to get inside the hut and find Ciri.

The Battle of Kaer Morhen

After finding Ciri, cut scenes will be played along with some conversation options to steer the story and reveal what has transpired during her escape with the Wild Hunt.

  1. After the cut scenes, you are then back at Kaer Morhen. Get inside the castle to start the council.
  2. During the council you will have to decide what to prioritize and prepare for the attack. We’ll leave you to decide what options you choose.
  3. As soon as you are ready for the battle, exit the castle and ride with Lambert into the woods and hunt down the arriving Wild Hunt.
  4. Use dimeridium bombs or the Yrden sign to close the portal and eliminate the remaining Wild Hunt warriors.
  5. Lambert notices that the Wild Hunt warriors are regrouping and that they are no longer invisible to the enemy.
  6. Geralt recognizes the warrior Imlerith and immediately fires a bolt to signal Triss to attack the area with a spell.
  7. We now switch to Ciri on her way to aid Triss.
  8. Defeat the warriors that threaten Triss.
  9. Geralt, sensing danger, returns to the castle to close the main gate and delay the warriors from getting inside.
  10. Defeat all the opponents then proceed to the main gate.
  11. Arriving at the closed gate, proceed to help Triss fend off the warriors.
  12. Switching back to Ciri, defeat all of Caranthir’s warriors and open the main gate.
  13. Make the last stand here, close all of the portals using Yrden, and dimiridium bombs then kill the remaining warriors. Then proceed to help Triss.

A cut scene plays, and we see Vesemir and Ciri trying to get to safety, but, unfortunately, Vesemir is impaled by the Wild Hunt warriors. This triggers Ciri’s powers, and the Wild Hunt is unable to withstand it, so they flee into their portals.

We are now left with our heroes grieving the loss of their friend Vesemir. During the funeral, you may opt to talk with each character before talking to Avallac’h.

Blood on the Battlefield

Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Triss, and Avallac’h hold council about defeating the Wild Hunt. Avallac’h and Ciri will train together and learn how to fully control her power. Yennefer and Triss venture out to find the members of the lodge, a guild of sorceresses.

In the meantime, distract Ciri from thinking about the battle, helping her regain her composure and prepare for the training by playing with and defeating her in a snowball game.

Ciri then talks to Geralt about getting to Imlerith on a sabbath. The perfect opportunity to get him as he and his cohorts will be drunk and unprepared.