The Last Wish (Search for the Djinn) in Witcher 3

This side quest unlocks after Geralt and Yennefer discover that Ciri is no longer in Skellige and that Uma, the ugliest man alive, could probably be Ciri or may be the key to finding her. To continue with the quest:

  1. Meet with Yennefer in Larvik.
  2. She seeks your help with finding & capturing a Djinn and that if you agree, she will be waiting by the docks.
  3. You take a boat and sail away to find the shipwreck that might contain the djinn.
  4. Dive to the bottom of the bay and search for signs of any shipwreck that might lead you to the djinn.
  5. On the second spot, dive down and search the shipwreck.
  6. After that, proceed to the third spot and just before arriving, Geralt and Yennefer will feel something strange about the rock formation.
  7. Geralt dives underwater and notices a crater, as if a meteorite had fallen down on the area. He sees there’s half a ship in the middle of it.
  8. Seeing through Geralt’s eyes, Yennefer immediately identifies that it was caused by teleportation.
  9. After further investigation, Geralt finds a broken seal. Yennefer utters words in elven and confirms that this ship is Amos’.
  10. Get back to the boat to give Yennefer the broken seal you found underwater.
  11. Yennefer tracks the other half of the seal with magic and teleports to the top of an icy mountain, where the other half of the ship is located.
  12. Get below deck and investigate. Check the bookshelf to find Amos’ body. Search the body to find the other half of the broken seal.
  13. Follow Yennefer to the top deck and attempt to summon the Djinn.
  14. Fight the Djinn to weaken it. Once weakened, Yennefer will then catch it in a sphere.
  15. Now Yennefer offers the Djinn its freedom in exchange for granting the final wish.
  16. After the ordeal, Geralt and Yennefer talk about what happened and if there have been changes between the two of them.
  17. Geralt recalls their encounters from before, but she stops him, saying that they’ll have plenty of time to discuss it after finding Ciri.

Yennefer suspects that she had been bound to Geralt by a spell. She thinks that she and Geralt have always been crossing paths because a mischievous djinn may have bound them together. That it manipulated their feelings for each other, and, no matter the circumstances, they always end up together.

To know for sure that what they have between them is pure love and not a spell cast by a djinn, she ventures to seek another djinn and make a wish of severing their bond.

However, there seemed to have been no effect after her wish was granted. Yennefer and Geralt professed their affection for each other, and they took some quiet time enjoying the view of the mountains together before teleporting back to her cabin in Kaer Trolde harbor.