The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna – Genshin Impact

In the quest, A Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees, we hurriedly left the ceremonial site due to an inexplicable storm that had appeared. With lightning colored red and striking with anger at us after we had destroyed the perches.

To continue with the quest:

  1. Check the map and travel to Tsurumi Island. The fog covering the island is now glowing with a reddish hue.
  2. Proceed to the marked location and talk to Kama. According to him, this is the state of the island before it’s destroyed, and then it will start all over. He then offers to help with our search for Ruu.
  3. To be able to find Ruu, we will need to visit the locations he mentioned before. He once recounted that he hid himself in various locations that weren’t affected by the storm. The first location is Wakukau Shoal.
  4. After defeating the monsters in the area, we can to interact with the thunderbird statue. Using the Peculiar Pinion on the statue will reveal a glowing feather. Touching the feather will reveal some things about the island, and then the feather will fly towards the inside of Mount Kanna.
  5. The second location is Oina Beach. We again use the Pecular Pinion on the statue to reveal…monsters. Yes, we need to defeat monsters prior to handling the feather. Just like the first time, this feather will also fly towards the inside of Mount Kanna.
  6. The third location is on Autake Plains. Our conversation with Kama is cut short due to respawning monsters. Defeat them to lure out Ruu.
  7. After defeating the monsters, Ruu will be standing face to face with you. However, he is still upset about what we did with the perches. Kama and Ruu start to talk about their ancestry during the meeting.
  8. Without using the Peculiar Pinion, the feather will appear. After we touch the feather, it summons an illusion of Ruu. The real Ruu recounts that it was his first meeting with the thunderbird and that he was the one who named it Kapatcir.
  9. After the illusion, the feather will fly inside Mount Kanna as well. Head inside the mountain to investigate. At its core, we find an altar surrounded by monsters. Defeat them then proceed to investigate the altar unimpeded.
  10. Investigating the altar results in the appearance of the Thunder Manifestation. The same entity we fought at Amakumo Peak.
  11. This encounter with the Thunder Manifestation seemed harder compared to the time in Amakumo Peak. So we enlisted the help of our good friend rgbprism, who has been helping us for quite a while.
  12. With the help of our friend, we are now able to interact with the feather. Afterwards, talk with Ruu and agree to go to Seirai Island, where the thunderbird now resides.
  13. We proceed to the marked location and, after arriving, Ruu offers to sing for Kapatcir. A feather will appear, and we can have a conversation with Ruu.
  14. After talking with him, we return inside Mount Kanna to investigate the altar, and talk with Ruu about Kapatcir. He then releases the final feather we found in Seirai and place it on the altar. This revives the perch inside the mountain. Signifying the return of the thunderbird.
  15. Report back to Sumida along with Kama. Sumida invites us to a meal, so we follow her to Kiminami Restaurant. Once there, a conversation starts, and then the quest series will finally come to an end.

Mount Kanna Stone Slate

When we couldn’t defeat the Thunder Manifestation, we looked around to check for some things we might have missed. Lo and behold, a puzzle has been found. This puzzle is activated by using the Peculiar Pinion of the thunderbird statue.

This reveals three seelies, and each of them leads to a mysterious stone where we need to retrieve and return to their respective slots. Once done, the sequence to solve the puzzle appears on the opposite wall. We are rewarded with a stone slate which will undoubtedly be used at some point in the game during a quest.

We again express our gratitude to our friend rgbprism for helping us defeat the Thunder Manifestation and getting us through the final stretch of our quest involving the thunderbird.