Throbbing pain everywhere? It can be fibromyalgia


The constant pain in some part of the body can be bothersome to the extent that your day to day activities may suffer largely due to this. Another problem with this is that you do not really know why and what is happening, which leads to severe mood swings and anxiety.

The only thing you want to do is chuck out this acute stinging all over the body. You rely on different sedatives to simply breathe a sigh of relief. When all these anesthetics fail we resort to non-scientific methods. By then, this excruciating pain starts spreading to other parts and causes mental exertion.

Take a look at this mysterious ailment

More and more people are suffering from this condition, where the doctors are unable to see the pain as all the results depict everything to be normal. Obviously nobody is going to simply fake a pain for such a long time! So, what is this mysterious condition that is affecting a large population of the world? The scientific research conducted on the patients who underwent this condition, gave it the name fibromyalgia.

It was observed that a majority of women suffer from this condition. This syndrome is not restricted to a particular age group; it can even target children. Due to less awareness about this condition, often the treatment is not effective. In fact, there is no specific treatment available.

Uncover the signs of this pain

This condition is marked by severe pain in those areas that are anyways more prone to cause discomfort. For example, the neck pain is often confused with cervical pain or back pain with slip disc or something. The joints and muscles are the most affected areas, which are badly hit by fibromyalgia.

After a point of time or even from the beginning you may suffer from migraine, dizziness, and stomach disorders. In some cases, people started having anxiety that they could not understand, as there was no cause of stress. Moreover, the patients were fit and active.

Overall, the causes of this syndrome were found to be embedded in the past. People who went through some traumatic experience either physically or mentally were more likely to develop this condition.

In certain cases, if you ever had an accident that targeted your joints or you suffered from back pain or any sort of pain resulted in this ailment. Anybody can suffer from this throbbing condition, with no prior information.

Due to this sudden invasion of your comfort, you may take time to understand this ailment and adjust your life accordingly. This inability to comprehend the changes that your body is undergoing can lead to insomnia and depression.

It becomes difficult to cope up with something that you are not able to combat in spite of trying all the medications. In addition, the people around you are also not able to see the problem.

Not so simple to locate this consistent stinging

In order to implement a proper treatment method, it is better to diagnose this condition. The main hurdle in the path of improvement is that there is no reliable detection technique as well as lack of awareness. You can say that it is a new born ailment in terms of detection and its discovery.

Generally, specialists will ask you for certain blood as well as urine tests along with observing you for a period of three months. During this period, the eighteen sensitive points of the body including ears, neck, legs or knees are checked. If eleven of them match, then you have fibromyalgia.

The unreliability of this method is mainly because you may not have this condition but something else. That is the reason why you cannot depend on the detection process completely. It is better to consult a specialist in this particular syndrome. The detection process is necessary as it will give you a slight idea of the condition. As there is no other option, you are left this method only.

Soothe the pain by managing it

Like the diagnosis procedure, there is no particular treatment that is available for this syndrome. The treatment method is more of a management or monitoring the condition. It is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the mental health.

As the fear of depression and anxiety constantly looms over you, the effort should be made to maintain a distance from stressful things. The focus should be on stress management.

The doctor will prescribe you antidepressants and sleeping medicines. In addition to the dependence on these medications, you should regularly exercise for half an hour. You can also practice yoga and meditation; these activities will keep your brain calm.

It is essential to consult a neurologist in case of excessive headache or nerve problem. You should participate in activities that make you happy and relieve you from any anxiety.

There are therapy sessions where you can talk to a psychotherapist, who can help you deal with this condition. In fact, you can also participate in group sessions. These sessions more or less work like therapies where you share your problems and you will find many people who are facing problems because of this syndrome. A healthy discussion can be fruitful to your health.

Then comes the second part which needs to be attended simultaneously with the first one, this is the physical pain that you suffer during this period. You will get a feeling that immediately after curing one problem, you are attacked by the second one.

First you had a headache and now back ache. This is very common with this problem. Therefore, you should keep painkillers and other sedatives that relieve you from the pain. Regardless of the pain, you should consult the specialist about your daily progress as well as problems. Even if it is a minor pain do not take it lightly as it can aggravate also.

You can go for massage therapies and physiotherapy to get relief. Regular hot bath in Epsom or lavender salt can be of some help at this time. Along with these, you should consume healthy food and connect with other people. You should not disconnect yourself during this time that can result in depression.