Ugly Baby (Uma) in Witcher 3

After your encounter with Skjall back at Freya’s garden in Skellige, you return to Velen and get Uma from the baron at Crow’s Perch. You and Yennefer conclude that Uma, the ugliest man alive, is the key to finding Ciri and that Uma may be Ciri.

  1. Talk to the Baron’s sergeant about taking Uma to Kaer Morhen.
  2. Get Uma from the stables and travel with him to Vizima.
  3. Meet with Emhyr var Emreis and Yennefer. Present to them Uma and tell them that he is either the key to finding Ciri, or he may very well be Ciri herself.
  4. Geralt recites the spell used on Uma. Yennefer hatches a plan to find out who Uma really is.
  5. Yennefer then suggests that Uma be taken to Kaer Morhen. She intends to use the ritual of the witchers to restore Uma to his or her original form.
  6. After arriving at Kaer Morhen, talk to Lambert and accompany him to the Circle of Elements to recharge the phylactery.

The Final Trial

You and Lambert talk and catch up. It appears that Yennefer had requested him to take the phylactery to the Circle of Elements to recharge it. Lambert then recalls that the trek was hard and that having someone along is better than going alone.

  1. Follow Lambert towards the docks.
  2. You will have to find the missing boat. The wind may have caught the sail and the rope become untethered.
  3. After finding the boat, sail across the lake and enter the cave. Use the cat potion to see better in the dark.
  4. Use Aard to pulverize the boulder.
  5. Tread carefully on this part of the cave to avoid waking Old Speartip.
  6. As you exit the cave, you’ll meet three rock trolls. Talk to them peacefully to avoid a fight.
  7. To gain their trust, as you proceed to the Circle of Elements, leave your swords with them.
  8. At the Circle of Elements, place the phylactery at the altar and light the four torches that surround it.
  9. Talk with Lambert and catch up some more while awaiting for the phylactery to recharge.
  10. After a while, take back the phylactery and head back to the fortress.


After helping Lambert, proceed to help Yennefer fix the megascopes that have been blowing out. She suspects that something inside the castle is disrupting her magic.

  1. Use the Potestaquisitor to detect and find the disturbances.
  2. The device gets warmer and warmer as you get close to these crates.
  3. Vesemir tells you that the crates contain dimiritium bombs that Lambert made.
  4. Watch over Uma as Vesemir takes the crates outside.
  5. Go tell Yennefer about the crates and that Vesemir took care of them.
  6. Now that there no more disturbances, the megascope is working properly. You then make contact with an Elven Sage and ask her about Uma’s curse.
  7. The sage further implies the effects of Ithlinne’s prophecy. Talk to Yennefer, then go find and help Eskel.

To Bait A Forktail

This quest can get confusing and may prompt a quick check on the maps. But you will never see other markers outside Kaer Morhen’s map for this one. To find Eskel:

  1. Get to near the sign post outside the castle. Use your Witcher Sense to find tracks that could lead you to finding where Eskel is. This immediately unlocks the quest.
  2. After following the horse trail, check the base of this tree. You will find a clump of goat hair. Use it to follow the scent and see where it leads you.
  3. Get to the top of the hill to find the goat and lure out Eskel.
  4. The forktail arrives to take the goat. Kill the forktail.
  5. You have badly injured the forktail but was able to fly away. Follow the trail of blood that leads into a cave.
  6. Finally, find the forktail and kill it for good. Then collect it’s spinal fluid for the ritual Yennefer will be doing on Uma and return to Kaer Morhen.

After all the trouble you’ve been through, you now gather inside the castle to prepare for the ritual. However, Lambert gets furious after discovering that the ritual they are preparing for is the Witcher Trials.

Yennefer explains that only the first half of the trial will be applied to Uma, yet not everyone agrees on the method. Vesemir suggests a less invasive method, and Yennefer agrees to give it a try and delays the ritual.

You take the night off to rest after a grueling day. If you can get on Yennefer’s good side, she will present you with an opportunity for another “romance” inside the castle.

No Place Like Home

After some time with Yennefer, Geralt goes back down and drinks with Lambert and Eskel. All of them get drunk and talk about their experiences inside and outside Kaer Morhen.

Day of the Trial

Vesemir’s method did not work on Uma. It is now up to Yennefer to proceed with the ritual. She explains that the trial potions need to be freshly made as it is highly reactive.

  1. Lambert is to prepare the apparatuses.
  2. Eskel is to get more alcohol to disinfect the tools.
  3. Geralt is to brew the decoctions.
  4. Vesemir applies hookweed extract to Uma as an anesthetic.
  5. After some time Yennefer prepares to reform Uma’s body as it disintegrate from the inside.
  6. As it turns out Uma wasn’t Ciri, but the sage Avallac’h. He was the one helping Ciri escape the Wild Hunt.
  7. He then tells you that Ciri is in Skellige. However, she has been cloaked by magic and is hidden in the isle of mists. To get to her, you will need to follow the wisp. This would also mean that she can then be detected by the Wild Hunt.

When Ciri is found, she needs to be taken into Kaer Morhen immediately. Along the way to Skellige, Geralt is to visit some of his friends to rally them to the Witcher’s Castle to prepare for the Wild Hunt’s imminent attack.