Waterpik Water Flosser Review and Oral Hygiene Benefits

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. What’s more, if you fail to floss or use another interdental cleaner regularly, there is a markedly greater risk of developing cavities and gum disease. However, not too many people can give an honest answer when a dentist asks them about their flossing habits.

Nowadays, water flossing is a significantly more convenient alternative to string flossing. Waterpik invented the first water flosser and this write-up is a Waterpik water flosser review encompassing four of the most popular Waterpik models.

Waterpik Water Flosser Review

Waterpik makes over a dozen models of water flossers grouped under Countertop, Cordless, Whitening, Complete Care, and the new Sonic-Fusion. The products range from professional to portable water flossers. More importantly, all Waterpik water flossers received the ADA’s seal of approval.

In addition, a research study confirms the oral hygiene benefits of Waterpik water flossers. If you are to look at the numbers, water flossers from this particular brand are about 30% more effective in plaque reduction compared to string flossing.

To find the best water flosser for you it pays to take a closer look at each of the product lines:

  • Waterpik WP-670 Aquarius Professional Designer Series

The WP-670 Aquarius Professional Designer Series is an update of the best-selling WP-660 Aquarius Professional to include even more finishes. There are now 6 color options.

The Waterpik WP-670 comes with seven different tips that can cover all of your oral hygiene needs. There is also a storage case to keep the tips secure when not in use. The water flosser comes with an advanced pressure control which has ten different settings for the most efficient flossing.

Another outstanding feature of this Waterpik is the pulse-modulation technology. The technology delivers custom-designed water pulsation to ensure the best flossing results. There are two different modes: Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode and Floss Mode.

Floss Mode is designed to enhance the plaque removal properties when flossing. The Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode, on the other hand, gives an improved stimulation of your gums. Overall, this is the most well-rounded Waterpik to date. It provides an all-encompassing dental care and one of the colors is bound to appeal to a given shopper.

Considering all of the premium features, you can expect this Waterpik to come with a premium price. However, if you factor in all of the advanced technology and the three-year warranty, this one is really worth the price.

  • Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Water Flosser

The WP-100 Ultra comes in 4 colors. It’s a countertop model and the water reservoir lasts more than 90 seconds of flossing. That’s 6 flosses assuming 15 seconds per session.

Included are six different tips to cover all of your regular dental hygiene needs. These tips work in perfect unison with the advanced pressure control system to deliver the plaque removal properties Waterpik is renowned for. Another thing that makes this series popular is the rather small form factor, apart from the more affordable pricing.

In addition, the Waterpik Ultra is also rather quiet, though you shouldn’t expect it to be completely silent. For better handling and usability, there’s a pause button on the handle.

In addition, the WP-100 Ultra features a 360-degree rotating tip that allows you to reach all of the difficult areas.

  • Waterpik WP-250 Nano Water Flosser

If you are looking for a compact and efficient water flosser, you can’t go wrong with the Waterpik Nano. It is designed to provide you with dental hygiene like other bigger Waterpik flossers.

The Nano water flosser comes with two flosser tips, which is less compared to the pricier models but the tips deliver equally competent performance. On the other hand, if you need some extra tips, you can get them separately because this series is compatible with four other Waterpik tips.

This compact water flosser also comes with a pressure control system. The system has three different settings for optimal performance, and unlike most other water flossers it can be used with the mouthwash of your choice. As mentioned above, this particular Waterpik model really excels in terms of compactness.

In addition, it also features a reservoir that can be inverted for easy transport and storage.

  • Waterpik WP-300 Traveler Water Flosser

It is easy to guess from the name that this water flosser is primarily designed for people who are constantly on the go (though you can also go with the cordless series). The Waterpik Traveler has all of the features an international traveler needs. It comes with a special carrying case and it is universal voltage.

To ensure your oral hygiene needs are met no matter where you are, the Waterpik Traveler comes with four different tips. The lid on the carrying case has a couple of straps to neatly store the tips when not in use. Like the Nano model, the Traveler also utilizes invertible reservoir that makes storing this water flosser a breeze.

In addition, there are three different pressure control settings to allow for the best plaque removal. This water flosser also delivers an ample flow rate of 13 ounces per minute. The water is delivered at 1400 pulses per minute to provide exceptional oral hygiene performance.

At only 0.99 pounds, the Traveler is also the most lightweight countertop water flosser from Waterpik which makes it easily transportable. If you desire something even lighter, Waterpik makes 5 models of cordless water flossers (you’d have to sacrifice the water storage capacity here).

To Wrap Up

This Waterpik water flosser review of the 5 most popular models should help you find the Waterpik that perfectly fits your flossing needs. You should know that water flossing does take some getting used to, but with Waterpik, the company that’s to water flossing like Kleenex to the facial tissue, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.