What Does It Feel Like to Get High on Acid?

Acid is the common term for lisergic acid diethylamide or LSD. Indulging in acid is usually called a trip. Trips can last anywhere between 15 minutes and 12 hours, according to the drugabuse.com. Negative experiences are called “bad trips.”

LSD is made from a fungus that typically grows on grains such as rye naturally, but is most often produced in laboratories. Most often, acid is soaked in paper and cut into small strips called tabs or hits, and taken orally. But exactly what does it feel like to get high on acid? This is a question that we will dive into in this article.

Acid Is Random

It is important to remember that the effects of acid on the brain and body can vary. One person might feel good while the other feels bad, making it a very random drug. The randomness doesn’t stop there, however. The same person may have a good experience one trip and a bad experience on another. There really is no way to tell for sure how the drug will affect you at any given time.

People often report having very profound spiritual experiences while on acid. There is usually a strong sense of inner peace and interconnectedness with the world at large and the people around. It can give off a sense of being one with the entire universe.

Expansive Thoughts

People also report having very deep and expansive thoughts while on the drug. They might make mental connections that they haven’t made before. Also, train of thought might start moving at an alarming speed.

The activity in the thalamus also slows down during a trip. This is the region that is responsible for voluntary movement and muscle control. It is located in the center of the brain and it processes sensory signals. When acid enters the brain it can make you aware of thoughts that you weren’t aware of before. This may be one of the reasons that people report having such profound and unusual experiences with the drug.

Seeing Sounds and Hearing Smells

People on acid can sometimes experience a phenomenon called synesthesia. Since perception can get pretty messed up when on acid, it is possible for the brain to start making new connections that you may never have experienced before. Sometimes people taste sounds, see sounds, or hear smells during their trips.

Creativity Spikes

Some people experience a heightened sense of creativity when tripping on acid that can really take them to new levels in artistic expression. People may want to paint, draw, or write songs. Scientists think that since the brain is better connected than usual that an acid trip can lead to the spike in creativity. Neurons might start to fire and sync up in ways that they never have before, resulting in a creativity boost. Some famous rock artists claim creating their greatest masterpieces and best improvisations while on acid trips.

Hallucinations May Occur

Hallucinations, visual, auditory and tactile, are a very common side effect of an LSD trip. What does it feel like to get high on acid? Well, you will likely experience a visual hallucination. Be prepared to see things that aren’t there, and to experience things that are there in new ways. You might see swirls of colors floating in midair, or see common objects like sofas and tables shrink and expand before your eyes. LSD increases the blood flow in the visual cortex which may explain the high presence of visual hallucinations for most users.

Fear and Paranoia

As explained before, unfortunately, not all trips are positive ones. The user can experience negative side effects while on acid, an occurrence usually called a bad trip. People can become agitated easily, and get scared. They may experience frightening hallucinations or even paranoia.

This seems not to occur as often as positive trips, but negative trips, even for experienced LSD users, happen every now and then. There is no real way to predict when a bad trip might occur. If you experience negative symptoms from acid, it is best to stay still and let them wear of on their own. Try to keep your wits about you as much as possible and realize that what you are experiencing is just a side effect of the drug.

Safety First

It is not recommended to try acid, nor do we encourage it. However, if you are going to try acid, especially for the first time, it is important not to do it alone. Being alone during a bad trip can be dangerous, as there will be no one to help you. Always call for help if you notice someone wander off by themselves when on acid, as they might get into a situation where they could be unsafe.

The hallucinations could easily lead to a situation where someone might fall from a high place or wander out into traffic not realizing what they are doing. LSD can seriously impair someone’s judgment, so please remember to be as safe as possible if you decide to try the drug.

Things to Remember

Acid can produce negative and positive experiences, and there is no way to tell which one will hit you or at which time. Acid can produce profound experiences of being one with the universe and people at large. It can increase your creativity and give you a sense of joy, euphoria, and wonder. But it can also cause you to feel fear, depression, and paranoia. Some studies have even suggested that use of LSD can trigger dormant mental disorders including schizophrenia. More research is required in this area, however.

If you choose to experiment with acid, please remember to stay safe and never do it alone. Keep a trusted friend with you at all times and make sure that they monitor you keep you safe. Experimenting with the drug alone could lead to injuries or even death if you have access to heights or get into traffic. If you get a bad trip, ride it out, stay still, and remember that the effects will not last forever.