6 Rare Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be a weird illness. Your doctor may say that fatigue and pain are the only real symptoms of fibro, but you can’t help but wonder if your latest uncomfortable symptoms can be attributed to your illness. Here are some of the rare symptoms of fibromyalgia that you might experience.

Rare symptoms of fibromyalgia

Non-Cardiac Chest Pain 

This is one of the scariest of the rare symptoms of fibromyalgia. Any time you feel severe chest pain, it’s normal that your first worry will be that you’re having a heart attack. Many fibro sufferers deal with chest pain due to non-cardiac causes, also called angina. If you experience this, it will feel like a crushing, squeezing pressure in your chest. An attack of this symptom can be very scary and will probably send you to an emergency room, only to be told that you’re fine. However, fibromyalgia sufferers can have heart disease the same as anyone else can, and it is the number-one killer of Americans. If you feel chest pain, get it checked out because it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Sensitivity to Noise and Light

If the nearby table of shrieking little kids at a restaurant seems to bother you more than everybody else, it’s likely a fibro symptom. Although most doctors will tell you that sensitivity to noise, particularly high-pitched or exceptionally loud noise, isn’t a fibromyalgia symptom, enough fibro sufferers do experience this issue that it shouldn’t be considered rare. Many fibro sufferers are also extremely sensitive to bright lights.

Alcohol Intolerance 

You start feeling like you’ve had way too much alcohol after only a glass or two of wine. This isn’t the same as being tipsy. Instead, you feel excessive effects of alcohol like dehydration and nausea.

Increased Side Effects of Medication

Or you get every possible bad side effect from medications. That might make your doctor question why drugs never seem to help you. This is actually not uncommon in people who have fibromyalgia, though nobody knows why.

Difficulties with Your Senses

Many fibromyalgia sufferers feel like their vision isn’t quite right. You may have difficulty with driving at night or you may lose the ability to distinguish the difference between colors. Some people are more sensitive to strong odors, which is not the same as being allergic to specific fragrances. Some fibro patients even lose their hearing.

Skin Issues

Fibromyalgia patients often have problems with their skin. You may experience the sensation that your skin is crawling, itching, prickling or burning, a symptom called paraesthesia. Some fibro sufferers deal with acne far beyond the adolescent years. Still other people with fibromyalgia have mottled skin that looks like it has red blotchy spots.

Tissue Overgrowth

Overgrowth of body tissues can affect you both internally and externally. In women, internal tissue overgrowth leads to a painful condition called fibroids, which cause benign tumors to grow in the uterus. The most common symptoms of fibroids include heavy bleeding and extremely painful periods. Fibroids may also cause pelvic pain. Other forms of tissue overgrowth include the following:

  • frequent ingrown hairs
  • adhesions
  • heavy, splitting cuticles

For unknown reasons, tissue overgrowth may be more common in those with fibromyalgia.

Because the medical community still doesn’t have a great understanding of fibromyalgia, it’s entirely possible that the rare symptoms of fibromyalgia your doctor dismisses may indeed be part of your illness. Regardless of the cause of your symptoms, it’s important to be open with your doctor and committed to taking care of yourself.



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Charlie Hartwig says:
It took decades before Medical Doctors would acknowledge that Fibromyalgia exists. It’s taking an equal length of time for Fibromyalgia sufferers to admit that there is a CURE…
Lisa Fisher Charlton says:
I have so much pain. Was taking opiates, but they were taken away, due to the opiate crisis.
Christine Bussell says:
Lisa Fisher, I too find opiates help but the ‘addiction tag’ has prevented the use of by GPs however try to convince your rheumatologist of your need for it and your on it again. Low doses only and monthly supplied, better than being without.
Taunya Nickerson says:
Wow….who knew?
Telma Quintana says:
Me too unfortunately, and yes the list never ends!
marlynn says:
I have itching spells so bad that I scratched myself all over and felt as though I was loosing my mind. I believed God told me to sit in warm water I did just that and it calmed my nerves down a lot. I was able to get relief and go to sleep. I had taken Benadryl before the water and it wasn’t helping at all. I almost went to the ER. My feet is where I started itching first they were so red after I finished itching and got in the water. Scary!
Dawn Hamilton says:
This is really quite enlightening! I have had what I called my “phantom itch” for more than 30 years. It comes and goes. My Mom used to complain that when she wasn’t’ feeling well, she would say, “even my hair and skin hurts”. So I’ll bet that she had it too. I have gone to the hospital with chest pain that, after all the tests, was non cardiac. My doctor at that time suggested costochondritis. I’ve also had fibroids for years. I won’t go into any more detail, but I have had each of the symptoms in this article at some point in my adult life. I was diagnosed with fibro about 10 years ago, and it gradually got worse and worse until I had to quit working. That was 2 years ago, and thank God that I had caring doctors helping me to find the right combination of medications to control the pain. I finally can say that I am feeling a little better…..even good some days! But it is a constant roller coaster with pain and depression. Some days you are up, and other days you are down. It is comforting to now understand all of these weird things that have happened to me. Thanks to the person who researched this and wrote this article!
Carole Sarvis says:
I have had the chest pain(costochondritis); I also get severe cramps in my ribs; I get formication which the feeling that I have things crawling on my skin, or biting or stinging me or my skin itches for no reason; I have noise and light sensitivity; add to this reduced energy level; muscle and joint pain all adds up to fibromyalgia syndrome. i diagnosed by a rheumatologist in 1996.