Can You Die From Fibromyalgia?


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“Can you die from fibromyalgia?” It’s a question that a lot of fibro sufferers have probably asked when they were first diagnosed. And fibromyalgia is a painful, chronic disease that can make you feel sometimes like you might die. But in reality, can you die from fibromyalgia?

Can you die from fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is not itself life-threatening. That can be hard to believe given how bad it makes you feel. But the truth is that the symptoms of fibromyalgia, like muscle pain and fatigue, aren’t going to kill you.

The real danger from fibromyalgia is the fact that it is so often associated in sufferers with serious depression. The constant pain and fatigue, along with the sense that you aren’t getting support from friends or doctors, can make one feel like life isn’t worth living.

That’s part of why the rate of suicide among fibromyalgia sufferers is higher than among the average population. And while no one dies from their fibromyalgia directly, plenty of people with fibromyalgia have taken their own life.

So can you die from fibromyalgia? In a sense, yes.

How to cope with depression from fibromyalgia

The most important thing to remember when dealing with depression is that suicide is never a good choice. People with depression or chronic pain often feel like suicide will put an end to their pain, but the reality is that suicide doesn’t get rid of pain, it just gives it to the people who care about you.

And the truth is that while fibromyalgia isn’t curable, there are ways to better manage your pain. And new treatments and therapies are being invented every day. It’s entirely possible that you will one day find a treatment that works for your fibromyalgia. But only if you’re still alive.

Remember that it’s important to find someone to talk to about your feelings. And there are lots of professionals who can offer you effective help for chronic depression.

But if someone you love has fibromyalgia, be on the lookout for signs that they are forming suicidal thoughts. Talk of suicide is the most obvious sign. But if they begin reaching out to other people who they haven’t talked to in a long time (to say goodbye) or if they make arrangements for their deaths or if they begin engaging in reckless behavior like drinking or drugs, then there is a chance they are suicidal.

In that situation, make sure that you talk to them about their feelings. And get them help if they need it. Someone who is suicidal will be unlikely to seek help on their own. Many people with serious depression feel that there is no point.

Just remember that fibromyalgia is a manageable disease. And that the real danger is a fibromyalgia sufferer taking their own life. So be vigilant and proactive about managing depression as you would any other fibromyalgia symptom.



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Debra Newton says:
After having Fibro for 13 years now, I have learned that because they can’t see your physical disorder, it must be just you complaining. Well, they will never understand, unless they see you crawl to the bathroom, or drag your leg in the store, because your muscles locked up. They, family can’t accept something they can not see. Get past it! Do what you have to to make everything easier on you! For my kitchen, because I cook every meal, I got a old office chair on wheels. I have been able to cook twice as much, more healthy things, treats, make my own healthy dog food, paleo desserts,etc. because I can sit during prepping and cooking. This saves me so much pain. I have fold up chairs all around the house and yard, because when I need to sit and rest muscles, I can. I will use the electric carts at the stores. Again, saves my muscles for walking to the car and unloading to house. I bought a grocery cart to unload groceries in one trip, from car to house. Get an mp3 player and down load mediation music to listen to when under stress, severe pain, tuning out spouse. It really works. Taking a 15 min mediation break changed my whole pain cycle. It went to 7 all the time to 3-5 most of the time. Learn to say NO to everyone. Take care of you, first! I always took care of everyone first. Now I take care of me first. Look at you life, your house, see what you can do the make things a little easier on you. Take care of you!
Constance Wooldridge says:
Thank you, Debra, so much for the information in the message I just saw online. I am going to implement some of those changes right away. Saying NO to everyone is tough, especially when it involves my grandchildren (I am 62.). Maybe I have been pushing too hard, though. My husband keeps telling me that. I guess it’s time I listened. I have been taking Lyrica for a few years now, but have been tolerating a lot of pain, so I think I will talk to the doctor about that too. Thanks again for sharing all that information. Sounds elementary but it is time to “take care of me”.
Debra Newton says:
Also, I have tried CBD Hemp oil. It works great for pain, and sleep. Hemp is a cousin plant to marajuana. No side effects. Even pet takes CBD for pain.
Candace Pappas says:
What do you do when your husband doesn’t believe your illness is real!?!! He calls Fibromyalgia a ‘fake’ diagnosis; the dr just doesn’t know what’s wrong with me… therefore, there IS nothing wrong with me according to my husband!!! Talk about frustrating!
RLT says:
What does one do when family doesn’t understand the degree of pain from this horrible condition? I have Tramadol for pain & an Rx for sleep, but the pain often wakes me ending with sleep deprivation in addition. It’s difficult enough to deal with the disruption of one’s daily life, But trying to get family to understand hurts so much. There doesn’t feel like I have any support or understanding…
Candace Pappas says:
I totally understand! Family can be such @$$’$ at times!
disqus_7KrmxgYIYb says:
I get that, I remind myself everyday that I suffer through for my family. I wouldn’t want to burden them with my death. Until I had this disease I never understood how anyone could take their life but chronic pain is exhausting and very isolating.
Keep fighting everyone, everyday brings us closer to a break through.
Wyatt Redd says:
Totally agree. Having to endure fibromyalgia is a hard thing to live with. But taking your life just spreads the pain to other people. And you never know when an effective cure might be invented.