Can Lyme Disease be Cured?

Lyme disease is a complicated disease that is difficult to cure. A tick bite may not necessarily transmit Lyme disease, it can transmit other diseases too. To effectively treat and cure Lyme disease, a proper diagnosis is recommended. If Lyme disease is diagnosed and treated early in its early stages, it can be cured completely. However, Diagnosis of Lyme disease may be difficult because the early symptoms resemble the symptoms of many other conditions. If the rash does not appear, a blood test is recommended in order to detect the bacterial infections. Treating early stages with antibiotics can help to cure the Lyme disease.

If the disease is not treated early enough it may advance to the late stages of Lyme disease which may or may not be completely cured. The symptoms may be managed to enable the patient to live a normal life. However, the different Lyme disease symptoms may keep recurring if the disease is not cured. It may take years or even lifetime with Lyme disease symptoms.
Doctors may recommend other ways of managing the symptoms without the use of antibiotics which may affect the immune system causing more health problems to the patient. There are different supplements that could help treat different symptoms as they occur. The patient may end up living a normal life with the supplements and adoption of healthy lifestyles.

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