Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.


Natural Oils That Can Help You Cope With Fibromyalgia

Natural Oils That Can Help You Cope With Fibromyalgia

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What are the symptoms?

  • Widespread, chronic pain

    Pain for more than three months in the 18 tender points

  • Allodynia

    Neuropathic pain is caused by damage to- or dysfunction of- the peripheral and central nervous system

  • Fatigue

    Feeling exhausted

  • Hyperhidrosis

    Excessive sweating

  • Anxiety

    Feelings of anxiety and panic

What Causes Night Sweats in Men?

There are several reasons why people experience night sweats, such as hormone-related conditions, low blood sugar, or neurological problems....

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What Causes the Fibromyalgia Burning Sensation?

The burning that fibromyalgia patients often experience is sometimes associated with allodynia, which is a painful sensation caused by touch and frequently associated with migraine headaches....

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Fibromyalgia and Muscle Twitching

Muscles are at the core of fibromyalgia issues, and where a patient is going to notice the majority of their issues. Controlling fibromyalgia is based on a lot of factors, but many of them are related to the muscles that are most affected by the disease. Muscle twitching is one of the most common symptoms … Continue reading "Fibromyalgia and Muscle Twitching"...

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What causes it?

The exact cause of fibromyalgia is still unknown and the subject of research, but it is believed to be caused by a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Genetics. Because fibromyalgia tends to run in families, there may be certain genetic mutations that may make you more susceptible to developing the disorder.
  • Infections. Some illnesses appear to trigger or aggravate fibromyalgia.
  • Physical or emotional trauma. Fibromyalgia can sometimes be triggered by a physical trauma, such as a car accident. Psychological stress may also trigger the condition.
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Physical or emotional trauma

Physical or emotional trauma

How to treat it

Can Weighted Blankets Help with Fibromyalgia?

Weighted blankets are getting a lot of attention these days. Fans of weighted blankets claim that they relieve anxiety and insomnia, as well as potentially helping children with autism and sensory integration disorders. But some people with fibromyalgia are exploring the possibility that weighted blankets may provide comfort to them, too....

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Haloperidol for Fibromyalgia

For this article we will be examining the oral tablet form of haloperidol. Also, we will observe how this medication is connected to helping fibromyalgia....

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