Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Test

chronic fatigue syndrome test

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Are you looking for a chronic fatigue syndrome test? You know, a way that you can answer a few questions and get an idea about whether or not this fatigue you’ve been feeling constantly is actually chronic fatigue syndrome? If so, then look no further. Here is a test that will let you compare your symptoms against the criteria that doctors use for diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome and see if you should schedule an appointment with your care provider.

But first, let’s talk about what chronic fatigue syndrome is and what some of the signs that you might have it are. And remember, this is not medical advice. It is just a simple chronic fatigue syndrome test to help you judge for yourself if your symptoms are similar to those of chronic fatigue syndrome so you’ll know if you should follow up with a doctor. But if you feel like your fatigue is serious, you should always check with a medical expert first. Now, let’s get started.

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an umbrella term that captures a wide variety of symptoms. These include things like mental fog, often unexplained joint or muscle pain, and of course, chronic fatigue. Simply put, chronic fatigue syndrome makes you feel tired constantly, no matter how much you sleep.

Past that there is really nothing simple about it. No one knows what causes chronic fatigue syndrome, and there are a number of symptoms you might not expect from a syndrome that is characterized by chronic fatigue, like insomnia. So with such confusing and varied symptoms, it’s useful to go through a list of symptoms before deciding if you have chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Test

So to take this chronic fatigue syndrome test simply read through the list and mentally give yourself a point for every time you answer the question with a “yes.” At the end of the test, tally up your “yes” answers and see if you have answered yes to enough questions to be concerned.

  • Do you often suffer from excessive fatigue?
  • Do you often suffer a loss of memory or concentration?
  • Do you get a sore throat more often than is normal?
  • Do you sometimes have enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits?
  • Do you often experience unexplained muscle pain?
  • Do you sometimes experience a pain that moves from one joint to another without swelling or redness?
  • Do you experience frequent headaches?
  • Do you usually seem to get an unrefreshing sleep?
  • Do you experience extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise?

If you answered “yes” to at least six of these questions on our chronic fatigue syndrome test, there is a good chance that your symptoms may be related to chronic fatigue syndrome. So if you are concerned, the first thing you should do is go see a doctor.

You see, there are plenty of reasons that you would experience a lot of these symptoms. And as we get older we all know that we just aren’t going to have the energy that we used to. But the fact that you’re experiencing chronic fatigue along with the physical pain symptoms is enough to be worried that you might have chronic fatigue syndrome.

No one is sure what exactly causes chronic fatigue syndrome, but we do know that there is definitely a physical component to the symptoms that you wouldn’t get from most diseases that just cause simple fatigue. And the sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes are classic hallmarks of chronic fatigue syndrome.

At the same time, even if you don’t have chronic fatigue syndrome, the physical pain and fatigue are obvious signs that something is wrong. And the possible explanations include likes like cancer or Epstein-barre syndrome, which are not the sorts of things you want to mess around with. So if you feel like your fatigue is serious enough to be a problem, you should head to a health care professional immediately for a checkup. Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

And chronic fatigue syndrome can be a devastating disease to live with given how hard it is to treat and how difficult it makes your daily life. So the sooner you can begin finding a way to manage it the better. And that includes everything from tinkering with your medications to disability claims. Those aren’t things you want to waste time on starting.

So let us know, do you think you might have chronic fatigue syndrome? Do you know you have it already? Tell us in the comments.



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Barbara Bloom says:
Love the list except it could be used for many different problems: types of Depression, Cancer, MS, Primary Immune Deficiency, thyroid or adrenal gland problems.There are several sets of criterion doctors and researchers use:
Debra Newton says:
OMG, I was so sick of being sick and tired! I decided to try something totally off the wall. I went on a Ketogenic Diet for four months. First, after dealing with the cravings, and mood swings, the first three days. But on the fourth, wow. The pain went from 7 to 5. Energy went from tired to burst of energy off and on in the am. I had to take 15 min nap in p.m. But, even the muscles seemed to relax. My belly went down, it looked like I lost 10 lbs,but I didn’t. I could not believe how swollen I was. My legs, the skin felt looser. It was easier to rub the knots out. My severe asthma, was gone. The joints didn’t hurt that much. I started sleeping from 4 hrs to 7, but not waking up 5/6 times in that time frame. Thoughts got much clearer. Sugar and wheat and carbs really have something to do this this Fibro condition. Taking curcumin/turmeric helped so much with getting the inflammation calmed way down. I lost 50 lbs over the course,but I felt like I became 10 years younger. Blood test were good. I went from standing 5 mins to 45 mins. I went on that diet 3 years ago, and continue to try to eat that way as much as I can afford. I have been reading about intermittent fasting to add in keto, which I plan on trying.I have more energy now, then I have had in 12 years. I have had Fibro since 04 car accident. Meditation changed the pain scale also. Pain went from 7, crying, anxiety/depressed to 5 ave, happy, calmer, dealing, maintaining, to many days at level 3, doing many things that I love. Even though I have to limit my time. I am working on trying to reduce more weight and stretching and moving body more. My leg muscles have the most knots and spasms along with low back, so I still can’t do to much.I have a chair in kitchen, cause I do all homemade meals. Eating paleo/keto daily. No white sugar/flour in my house. I use coconut flour, almond, flour, a lot others. Coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup for sweetners. I will never go back to eating white sugar and flour from wheat!