Forefathers’ Eve in Witcher 3

This quest unlocks after we’ve visited Keira and helped her lift the curse at Fyke Isle. The Pellar requires our assistance in doing a ritual in the stone circle, near the tower.

  1. Proceed to the stone circle to meet with the pellar at midnight.
  2. If your time is far from midnight, meditate and adjust the time accordingly.
  3. Talk with the Pellar to start the ritual.
  4. Protect the Pellar and the crowd from the attacking monsters.
  5. As the ritual continues an image of a person will appear by the fire.
  6. You will then be interrupted by witch hunters. Defeat them to continue the ritual.
  7. After slaying the witch hunters, the Pellar will speak about the ritual ground being tainted with blood. The ritual cannot be completed, and if continued, will yield an undesirable result.
  8. Due to the blood spilled on hollowed grounds, continuing the ritual will summon wraiths which you need to defeat.
  9. Geralt suspects that someone had told the witch hunters about the ritual. You’ll also find out that the ghost, Ambros, is the Pellar’s father, whom the pellar murdered.
  10. Return to Crookback Bog. Use your Witcher Sense to find the body of Ambros and burn it.
  11. Report back to the Pellar’s hut. Collect your reward to complete the quest.

Contract: Swamp Thing

After burning Ambros’ body, check around the area, and you’ll find Leslav. He will give you a contract about investigating the mysterious deaths in the swamp.

  1. Talk to Leslav to start the quest.
  2. Locate this body, surrounded by stones. Use the Eye of Nehaleni to see through the illusion.
  3. Investigate this shack to find clues about who or what is the cause of the killings.
  4. Navigate the illusions and get to this hillside. Interact with the boulder to reveal the passage inside the cave.
  5. Use a Cat potion to see in the dark and kill the foglet, Ignis Fatuus.
  6. Now that we have disposed off of the foglet, get back to Leslav and collect the reward.

Quests like these are often linked to a story. Some quests however are isolated like the Soldier Statuette which we found during our visit to Bilzen’s house with Zoltan. They can be found by visiting the boards of every town you visit or just by picking up a random item out of curiosity.