Genshin Impact – How To: Go Fishing on the Latest Update

Since the release of Genshin Impact, we’ve only been able to catch fish by just jumping in and somehow grabbing it by the gills and taking it out of the water for us to use in meals.

Now, a new update has been rolled out with the added function of catching fish properly, that is, with a rod, hook, bait and bait recipes. But this time, it’s more like sport-fishing rather than catch and cook.

But before we go out fishing, we first need to:

  1. Press J to open your Quest Journal.
  2. Look for the Exploding Population quest.
  3. Press Navigate and visit Katheryne in Mondstadt.
  4. Press F to talk and initiate the quest..
  5. Visit Nantuck. He’s found in this part of Mondstadt near Cider Lake.
  6. Press F to talk.
  7. After talking to him, proceed to this location in Cider Lake near Springvale.
  8. Talk to him again and receive instructions.
  9. Position your character near the lake until you see ripples in the water and fish in and around it. Or until and interaction button pops up.
  10. Press J to prepare to for fishing.
  11. Click Start Fishing to proceed.
  12. Use the Right Mouse Button to select your bait.
  13. Click Confirm to hook it.
  14. Click Left Mouse Button to aim and cast your bait.
  15. Now you wait until you hook one.
  16. Once a fish bites, you need to click the Left Mouse Button for an initial pull and then a bar will appear up top. Make sure it stays green to ensure a catch.
  17. After catching a fish, talk to Nantuck and receive further instructions.
  18. Proceed to a lake near Stormbearer Mountains to catch an Ornamental Fish.
  19. Go near the lake, just close enough to see the ripples and fish.
  20. Press F to start fishing.
  21. If you’re done fishing, press Spacebar to exit.
  22. Go back to Nantuck to complete the quest.

Now you just have to catch as many fish as you can; however, you’ll need plenty of bait to do that. And we have just that! Just after the update was rolled out, a few minor changes and a quick server maintenance prevented us from logging in.

But as soon as the servers were up, we went straight for it. Here’s how you can continue fishing without the fear of running out of bait.


In reality, when you go out fishing, you’ll need many things. And it seems like Genshin Impact also requires many things. Before you go out and search every fishing spot, you’ll need bait. There are four types of bait for different types of fish.

Bait Ingredients Fish Type

Fruit Paste
1 Wheat
1 Sunsettia
Aizen Medaka

Crystal Fish


Glaze Medaka


Redrot 1 Fowl
1 Dendrobium
Akai Maou


Lunged Stickleback


Venomspine Fish
False Worm1 Berry
1 Slime Condensate
Abiding Angel Fish

Brown Shirakodai

Tea-Colored Shirakodai

Fake Fly1 Horesetail
1 Sakura Bloom
Bitter Pufferfish

Golden Koi


Rusty Koi


In order for you to create more bait you need to:

  1. Visit Nantuck in Mondtstadt.
  2. Press F to talk.
  3. Select “I’d like to buy some fishing supplies“.
  4. Assuming you have previously gone fishing, click on any of the formula to purchase them. (Note: You will need 3 Medakas for each Formula)
  5. Click Exchange.
  6. Your chosen formula will now be added to you bag / inventory.
  7. Press B to access your bag / inventory.
  8. Go to the Precious Items tab.
  9. Find and click the newly bought formula.
  10. Click Use.
  11. Proceed to an Alchemy Table marked with in your map.
  12. Press F to craft.
  13. Scroll down to locate the bait you wish to create.
  14. Press Craft.
  15. Click Confirm on the notification window.
  16. Your bait of choice has been crafted and is added to your bag / inventory.

Now you can proceed with your fishing trip worry free.


By now, you probably are pumped about the new fishing feature of the game. But since you’re here, we assume you’ve emptied the pond out of fish. Here’s where you could book your next fishing trip on Genshin Impact. We will be updating the map once we find new fishing areas.

This concludes our fishing trip on Genshin Impact. Find out more about How-To: Obtain the Pool of Sapphire Grace.

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