How To Complete Cleanup At Dawn II in Genshin Impact

This is part of the Commission Quests that you can take up on a daily basis. There are four of these quests daily and will reward you with Mora, Primogems and many more. However, all Commission Quests are random and thus vary or repeat from day to day. This particular quest is easy. But to the uninitiated, it can be very confusing as to how you will accomplish it. You came here to seek help and that’s just what we offer, so let’s start:

Cleanup At Dawn II

  1. Press M to open your map.
  2. You’ll see the purple marker.
  3. Visit the area where it is located.
  4. Press F and talk to Moco to start the quest.
  5. The instructions tell you to “sweep up the pile of leaves” to do that you’ll need a character that has the Anemo Element.
  6. If you already have an Anemo Element character in your roster then place him/her in your party. Check here to learn how to switch up your party members.
  7. But if you don’t have them yet, then you can use the Traveler and have him wield the Anemo Element by visiting the Statue of Seven in Mondstadt. Teleport to it.
  8. Once there, click F to interact.
  9. Select Resonate with Anemo to obtain the element.
  10. Now return to your quest area.
  11. When you see the first pile of leaves, press E to use normal attack or press and hold E to use charged attack. This blows away the leaves.
  12. Proceed to the second and third pile here. Use your normal or charged attacks to “sweep them”.
  13. Now on to the fourth and fifth pile, do the same.
  14. Once done, return to Moco.
  15. After your conversation with Moco, the Commission Quest is completed.
  16. You are then given the rewards for completing the quest.

By far, we’ve only used Anemo Element characters to complete this quest and so it seems, they are the only ones that can do that. But if you’ve got any luck with other characters, let us know by leaving your feedback below.