How to Complete Grus Nivis Chapter: Act I in Genshin Impact

Whispers Of The Crane And The White Rabbit

A Private Commission

Completing The Immovable God and The Eternal Euthymia and reaching Adventure Rank 30 unlocks Kamisato Ayaka’s story quest. This story quest is the first of two requisite quests for A Stormy Judgment archon quest.

  1. Leave the Komore Tea House and talk with Kamisato Ayaka.
  2. She then asks you for assistance in giving out gifts for her mother, and wishes that you keep it to yourself and not to speak of it from anyone in Inazuma.

Woven Wishes

  1. Meet with Ayaka at Oguras Textiles & Kimonos.
  2. Go to the International Trade Association in Ritou and talk to Kurisu about the serial theft cases.
  3. Check the marked area in the map and follow the foot prints you found.
  4. You will find another cart and further ahead are three ronins.
  5. After catching up with the thieves, defeat them and retrieve the stolen goods.
  6. Ayaka buys the fabric from Kuris; then proceed to Oguras Textiles & Kimonos.

Puzzle by the Falls

Prior to returning to Ogura’s, check the surrounding area to find and obtain electroculus. We also happen to stumble upon a puzzle. An here is what should be done.

  1. Attack and make sure that the first cube has these two exact icons lighting up.
  2. Then attack the second cube once to light up two of its icons.
  3. Finally attack the third cube to light the icons of all the cubes. This will solve the puzzle and reveal a chest with your rewards.

Food From Afar

  1. Talk to Kiminami Anna.
  2. Head towards the great noise with Ayaka.
  3. She requests an overseas dish from you that’ll be suitable as a gift.
  4. Proceed with cooking her a mushroom pizza.
  5. After cooking the pizza, give it to Ayaka and Kiminami Anna to be prepared.
  6. Give Ayaka the recipe for the mushroom pizza. (mushroom + flour, cabbage + cheese) then talk with Kiminami Anna.
  7. Return to Oguras Textiles & Kimonos and collect the goods.

Lasting Promise

A crane brings 1 fresh flower in its beak to decorate my hair, while a white rabbit sews a hemline from 4 rays of moonlight, Dressed appropriately I faced eastward and call out Tsubaki’s name 7 times. In the blink of an eye, I am standing on the path that leads to her house.

  1. Head to the marked area on the map.
  2. Enter the cave and investigate the shruberry on the stone wall.
  3. Above is a quote taken from a notebook in Ayaka’s possession. Face the east wall and climb it. Once there, follow the sequence of the numbers highlighted. Knock once, then knock four times and finally knock seven times.
  4. The wall is now gone. Enter through the opening and investigate the chamber inside.
  5. Take the notebook from the case and proceed to the marked location.
  6. After reading the contents of the notebook, Ayaka reveals that her mother and Tsubaki are one and the same.

With You

Meet up with Ayaka at Amakane Island to experience an Inazuman festival. Whilst there, you experience everything the festival has to offer. From sampling the food from stalls, wearing of traditional masks and even hanging prayer plaques.

While in the Chinju Forest, Traveler and Ayaka talk about your similarities. That she is able to understand your determination in finding your sister. And that she also wishes to spend time with her mother. She then performs an almost ritualistic dance.

She then departs, leaving you and Paimon in the forest. And as the quest is completed, we can now proceed with Chapter II: Act II Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow.