How To Complete Lunar Realm in Genshin Impact

Lunar Realm – Limited-Time Event
The Moon Has Risen
Lean Mean Fishing Machine
To Thee My Tender Grief Confide
Master of the Bait-and-Fish
An Angling Ace, and No Mistake
By Thy Pale Beams I Solitary Rove
Over the Moon

The Moon Has Risen

“An Inazuman fisherwoman, Kujirai Momiji, has always wanted to catch a legendary great fish called the ‘Lunar Leviathan.’ She plans to assemble all her old friends and embark on a journey to find it – and she invites you to join her.”

This will require you to learn how to fish. Learn more about it here.

Let’s start the quest shall we? To do this:

  1. Press ESC to bring up a menu.
  2. Locate and select Events.
  3. On the Events Overview, select Lunar Realm then click Event Details.
  4. Here you will see all the available quests together with their story and rewards. Click Go To Quest.
  5. Press M to check the marked location on your map.
  6. Click on the nearest Waypoint and teleport.
  7. Proceed to the shoreline to meet with Kujirai Momiji.
  8. Press F to talk to her.
  9. You are instructed to visit Jiawei in Liyue.
  10. Teleport to the nearest Waypoint in his location.
  11. Press F to start a conversation.
  12. You are then presented with the instructions on what you need to do in order to accomplish the task.
  13. Click Go to Challenge to proceed.
  14. Another location is marked on your map.
  15. Find the nearest Waypoint and teleport.
  16. Now proceed to the fishing grounds press F to start fishing. (If you dont know how this works, click here.)
  17. Catch six Sweet-Flower Medakas or more to successfully complete the task.
  18. If you’ve caught more than the desired number of Medakas after the timer ends, you are guaranteed to claim all the rewards for the task.
  19. To claim the rewards, proceed to the Events tab.
  20. Select Lunar Realm then click Event Details.
  21. Click Master of the Bait-and-Fish! and click Claim to get your rewards.

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Lean Mean Fishing Machine!

A Liyue Fisherman, Jiawei, turned down your invitation, but did render some assistance: ‘Jiawei’s Advances Angling Training’. You must catch as many fish as you can within the time limit. Any kind of fish will do. The more you catch, the better your reward will be.

This quest is immediately unlocked within 24hours after completing The Moon Is Risen quest. To start:

  1. Visit the Events page.
  2. Select Mean Fishing Machine.
  3. Click Go to Challenge.
  4. On you map, Select the nearest Waypoint to teleport.
  5. Proceed to the fishing spot to start fishing angel fish.
  6. Capture at least six of them to complete the challenge and claim all of the rewards.

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To Thee My Tender Grief Confide

Since we we’re unable to convince Jiawei to join our quest. We head over to Mondstadt to try and convince Nantuck to come with us.

  1. Proceed to Mondstadt and talk to Nantuck.
  2. After talking with him, proceed to Dragonspine.
  3. Inside a specific area, you will look for the Lunar Leviathan fossil.
  4. Press F to investigate three areas of interest.
  5. After investigating them, Paimon will talk to you about suspicions that something is missing.
  6. You will then be alerted to the presence of Treasure Hoarders.
  7. Follow them to their hideout and find out more.
  8. They will notice you and Paimon then begin to attack.
  9. After a fight with the Treasure Hoarders you are to return to Kujirai Momiji to complete the quest.
  10. We then head to an island near Kojou Encampment.
  11. Catch at least six Glaze Medakas in order to compelete the quest.
  12. Once completed, click Claim and receive all the rewards.

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An Angling Ace, and No Mistake!

Now that Nantuck had also turned us down. But we still need to brush up on our angling and catch more fish to prepare for whatever’s coming. To do that:

  1. Proceed to this area.
  2. And catch as many fish as you can consecutively.

This article will be updated once the other quests have been unlocked and made available. So check back to see developments.