How to Complete Nine Pillars Of Peace in Genshin Impact

To start, head to Cuijue Slope and, at its center, interact with the stone tablet to read the inscriptions. This will unlock the quest: Nine Pillars of Peace. However, there will be no markers to indicate what the next step is. This guide will be very brief, but the task of obtaining geoculus from all of Liyue will be the challenge.

  1. Open you map and look for the Statue of Seven. Teleport to it and then press F to interact with it.
  2. You will be presented with options. Select Worship Statue and then you will see what rewards are given when you provide enough number of geoculus to the statue. You will also see here that the stone of remembrance is part of the reward. We will be using it to activate all of the pillars.
  3. Around Cuijue Slope are nine pillars that look like this. Place the stone of remembrance on the socket that looks like this. This will activate the pillars.
  4. When you obtain enough stones of remembrance and activate the pillars, this ruin door opens.
  5. At the center of the chamber sits a Ruin Guard which immediately comes alive when you get near it.To immobilize it, switch to a character equipped with a bow then target the eyes and back with charged attacks.
  6. Switch your characters to inflict all sorts of elemental and physical damage to the monster.
  7. Next on the list of monsters to slay are two geovishap hatchlings.
  8. When the monsters turn red, look for these stones and destroy them. These enhances the monsters attributes making them harder to kill.
  9. The third and final monster we need to deal with is the Ruin Hunter. This one floats and proves to be a tough one to handle. All you need to do is to dodge its attacks and wait until you see its eye glow up. That is when it is most vulnerable. Target its eyes with a charged attack to temporarily immobilize it and then hit it with a barrage of whatever attack you can until it flies again.
  10. Again, destroy the stone that enhances the monsters. Use your characters elemental abilities to your advantage.
  11. After eliminating all the ruin monsters, a door opens. Inside are chests containing rewards.
  12. One of them is the Royal Flora, a five star artifact that is part of the Noblesse Oblige set. Click here to know more about obtaining and upgrading them.
  13. There is also the Dull Ring, a relic that has been lost and forgotten. Visit Liyue Harbor and have it appraise by antique dealers.
  14. Go to Bolai and present the ring for appraisal. His offer is one hundred eighty thousand (180,000) mora plus a few add-ons.
  15. Visit Linlang and show her the ring. She will offer two hundred thousand (200,000) mora for it.
  16. To whom you give the ring is at your own discretion. And after that the quest is complete.

If it is of any help, here is the location of our final geoculus. We have searched every nook and cranny in Liyue, and we would never have thought this is where we would find it.

Do you wish to know how we got it without depleting or using stamina dishes? Leave a comment below.