How to Complete Papilio Charontis Chapter: Act I in Genshin Impact

Yet The Butterfly Flutters Away (Hu Tao’s Story Quest)

The Mysterious Wangsheng Parlor

  1. Teleport to a waypoint nearest to Wuwang Hill.
  2. Upon arriving at the marked location we see Meng, the undertaker of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, who mistook us for ghosts.
  3. Catch up with the fleeing undertaker to meet with Hu Tao, director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.
  4. After the conversation, head back to Liyue with Meng and Hu Tao to meet with the Adventurer’s Guild.
  5. As the Adventurer’s Guild has no immediate need for the Funeral Parlor’s services, we head back to the Funeral Parlor. There, Hu Tao discusses marketing strategies to entice would-be clients of the parlor.
  6. First would-be client is Little Wu.
  7. Second is Mumu.
  8. And third, is Congzi.
  9. All three of them refused the offers seeing that there is no necessity for it at the moment and that it is absurd for a funeral parlor to be handing out promotions to random strangers.
  10. Hu Tao explains that any business development had ended after visiting the Adventurer’s Guild. And that the three potential clients were suspected of being followed by a ghost named Big G.

In Pursuit Of A Phantom

  1. Meet with Meng at the funeral parlor. Talk to him about Big G. During the conversation, he spoke about a childhood friend who’s spirit may have become evil and has been haunting him.
  2. The conversation is then interrupted by Luocheng. He inquires about the possibility that evil spirits are coming back to the mortal realm to cast evil curse among mortals.
  3. After the conversation, we proceed to the exorcism site. Hu Tao explains to us that it is hard to reason with Meng and Luocheng about their beliefs of the dead. One think’s his friend became an evil spirit and the other think’s he’s been cursed.
  4. In order to truly gain their attention and calm them down, you must perform the fake exorcism to give them with something tangible.
  5. During the conversation, Hu Tao also gives a brief history of the Yaksha and how their resentment turned into pestilence after the death of the gods, and that hysteric people mistook it for a curse from the god’s.
  6. As the conversation ends, get near the Ley Line Monolith to summon monsters and perform the fake exorcism.
  7. After defeating the monsters, Hu Tao exposes that all of that was a trick and proceeds to explain the truth.
  8. Meng then approaches Hu Tao about continuing the search for Big G, but according to Hu Tao, Big G “found us first.”
  9. Return to Wangsheng Parlor with Big G and find out more about what really happened.
  10. Now that we understand what has happened, Hu Tao suggests to have everyone involved for a farewell ceremony for Big G.

Friendships, Wishes and Regrets

  1. Visit Little Wu and ask about what keepsake he could offer for the farewell ceremony. He is reminded of something Big G has liked since childhood, the extra-spicy Jueyun Chili Chicken. We need to provide Little Wu with Jueyun Chilis for him to make the dish.
  2. Second, a quick talk with the all-knowing Mumu. He offers a toy box, something all of them had been dreaming of owning and playing as a child.
  3. Head towards the overpass to meet with Congzi and the others. Mumu explains how they were required by necessity to leave their homes behind.
  4. Congzi will then offers artisan Xiao Lanterns for a keepsake. However we will need to retrieve it from the warehouse.
  5. Head towards the warehouse and talk to Gou San’er for permission to enter the warehouse and retrieve the materials for the lantern.
  6. There will be three marked crates in the warehouse, but the one we need is actually this crate.
  7. Head back to the overpass and give the materials to Congzi.

Perfect Send-Off

  1. Return to Wuwang Hill along with the keepsakes collected from Big G’s friends and give them to Hu Tao; then enter the border(domain).
  2. Once inside, you will need to defeat enemies and solve some puzzles to be able to proceed further.
  3. We will need to collect the blue elemental shards and place them into some sort of lantern to open the doors for the next chamber.
  4. This part of the quest may be confusing for some, but it is actually easy. We need to take the blue shard and move forward towards the next room. This part of the domain loops, and when we return to where the lanterns are located, a second blue shard spawns. We then take it and place the shards into the lanterns to open a new door.
  5. Now that the door has been opened, a cutscene plays. We then follow Hu Tao by jumping off the cliff and landing in the water below. Proceed to the marked location until we reach the chamber where manifestations of Big G’s memory are recounted.
  6. After the cutscenes, Meng and Big G talk in a corner, and we proceed to talk with Hu Tao. After the conversation, the domain is then completed and our reward collected.
  7. Exit the domain and head towards the marked location for the actual sending off of Big G.

Big G then disappears, and Hu Tao’s story quest comes to a close. A ghost story with a happy ending. Who would’ve thought Genshin Impact had a ghost story such as this. Coincidentally, the quest was unlocked and played days before Halloween, so it was a thrill to play and write about as it was very timely.

For now, we will settle for what we have accomplished thus far with the games’ story quests. We look forward to more exciting character story quests in the future. In the meantime, leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts about the article and story quests in general.