How to Complete the Quest A Tower Full of Mice in Witcher 3

The quests starts as An Invitation from Keira Metz. Upon arriving at her hut, we see her talking to a figure, almost like a projection from a lamp. If you remember the Family Matters quest, this was the same lamp we helped her get after we Wandered In The Dark.

  1. To proceed with the quest, we need to find a way to get to Fyke Isle.
  2. This time, let us try to get there using a boat.
  3. As soon as we arrive, we are immediately greeted by monsters. Make sure to have brought your sharpened blades.
  4. Before entering the tower, make sure to use your Witcher Sense and investigate to search for clues and surprises.
  5. Once inside the tower, immediately use the lamp to cast its light and reveal the ghosts. The light from the lamp exposes them and somewhat recalls what had previously transpired before their demise.
  6. Get to the basement and investigate more.
  7. Now move to the second floor to investigate. (Tip: Don’t overuse the Cat Potion)
  8. As you climb up to the third floor, you will see the ghost of Annabelle leading you. Search the floor to find out what has happened.
  9. Proceed to the next level and find Alexander’s laboratory.
  10. Use your Witcher Sense to find clues about a hidden door.
  11. Interact with the lever to open the hidden door and discover Alexander’s laboratory.
  12. After reaching the laboratory, Annabelle’s ghost finally asks you some questions and then tells her story. Make sure to search the laboratory before leaving.
  13. Take Annabelle’s remains to Graham. He’s located at a hut in Oreton, just north of Fyke Isle.
  14. As soon as you leave the hut, Graham shouts in horror. You then enter only to find Annabelle as a pesta and Graham dead on the floor.
  15. Report back to Keira and tell her the curse on the isle has been lifted, and that Annabelle turned into a pesta and killed Graham.

A Favor For A Friend

  1. After reporting to Keira about lifting the curse at Fyke Isle, She then asks for you to find her missing ingredients.
  2. Locate the Merchant here and obtain the missing letter.
  3. You will find the missing package under the cart.
  4. Now get the package and return it to Keira.
  5. After the cut scenes, you will have to race with her in the meadow.
  6. Whilst you were dining in the woods, Keira disappears. Use your Witcher Sense to track her.
  7. She will be waiting for you in the nearby lake. The outcome of your conversation will depend on the reponses from your previous conversations.
  8. If you did good, you’ll find yourself…(we’ll let you figure it out)
  9. Then you wake up alone by the lake, looking towards the tower. And the quest completed.

For the Advancement of Learning

After waking up alone by the lake, Geralt looks at the distant tower of Fyke Isle. This quest has been unlocked and is ready for completion. To do this:

  1. Get to the tower and meet with Keira.
  2. Talk to her until you find out what her motives are.
  3. Being a witch, revealing her to King Radovid will surely mean death for her. As with the Pyre’s of Novigrad, witches have been burned at the stake. So you invite her to Kaer Morhen and offer safety for her.
  4. The quests ends and Keira enters a portal and disappears.

After this, we won’t be seeing Keira for a while. We will reunite with her, along with the others when we get back to Kaer Morhen after finding all the pieces that will lead to Ciri’s whereabouts.

We hope to have provided you assistance with this quest. Let us know what you think and what you would like us to cover next by leaving a comment below.