How to Complete the Sakura Arborism Quest in Genshin Impact

Another quest that did not appear in our quest journal is this. For us to unlock this quest we will need to travel far. If you’re near Kannazuka, an area between Tatarasuna and Kujou Encampment, then you are in for a treat.

  1. Search the area to find Miyuki, a shrine maiden. She stands opposite a Thunder Sakura Tree in the area.
  2. After the conversation, proceed to the marked area and investigate the Treasure Hoarder’s Camp.
  3. After defeating the enemies, one of them will beg for you to spare his life. He tricks you to look behind and check for enemies and then escapes.
  4. Return to Miyuki for a conversation.
  5. After the conversation we will need to find and remove the juvenile antics found in the Thunder Sakura Tree. Use elemental sight to see purple circles on the ground.
  6. Now that we have found where these circles are, we will need to find a way to remove them.
    1. Position your character in the middle of the circle and wait until you see sparks on the ground. This means that the Thunder Sakura Tree is about to hit you with powerful lightning.
    2. As soon as you see the sparks move away from that area by pressing Right Mouse Click to dash away and evade the lightning strike.
  7. Once the three purple circles have been dealt with, the Thunder Sakura Tree will stop its lightning attacks and immediately bloom altogether.
  8. Get close to the tree trunk to retrieve the juvenile antic, that is the foreign object left by the treasure hoarders.
  9. Do this several times on other Thunder Sakura Trees. Use this map to quickly locate other trees.
  10. After removing all foreign objects from the tree trunks, report back to Miyuki.
  11. Head back to the treasure hoarders camp and eliminate the Fatui.
  12. Talk to Miyuki after defeating the Fatui.
  13. During the conversation Hideaki activates the Electro Hypostasis and you are left to fight it.
  14. Treat this electro hypostasis as you would a regular one. Attack the crystal until its health is close to depletion.
  15. Then use elemental attacks on the revival crystals to permanently eliminate it. If you fail to do so, the electro hypostasis returns with half of its health points.
  16. Report back to Miyuki after defeating the Electro Hypostasis to complete the quest.

Bonus Puzzle

As we were locating the Thunder Sakura Trees, we returned to this puzzle near where the nameless samurai was found. At first we were unable to solve it and now we did. Here is how we solved it:

  1. Look for the relay stone and place it until it creates a link between two sacred stones.
  2. Position your character near the electro lotus bombs and be affected by electro element.
  3. Quickly position your character in this area. Step 2 enables your hero to conduct electricity and functions as a relay stone would.

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