Asda to Launch Spirulina-Based Food Coloring As Part of Natural Baking Range

UK supermarket chain operator Asda has announced that it is launching a natural baking range featuring spirulina-based coloring at its stores in September 2008.

Asda said that the company’s chefs, who were looking for a natural source to create bottles of blue food coloring, are using the spirulina blue-green algae as part of its new natural baking range. Spirulina, which is known for its nutritional properties, was chosen after months of research at Asda.

Asda said that it will be first supermarket to introduce its own all-natural baking range. The revolutionary range is reported to be entirely free of artificial colors and flavors, bringing it into line with all Asda’s food and drink products which are claimed to be free of artificial colors and flavors.

The new baking range has been a year in the making, with significant product testing to ensure each item met strict quality controls.

Asda’s new natural baking range, which will be launched on September 29, 2008, including 13 food colors and flavorings, sprinkles, sugar balls, piping and writing icing. In addition, a selection of fun decorations are available for young bakers, with Little Hero products for boys and Little Princess for girls. Prices in the range start at GBP0.52 for the natural food coloring and GBP0.60 for sprinkle decorations.

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