Healthy back-to-school lunch suggestions

Back-to-school lunches can be interesting — even with dessert added — and still be healthy, a U.S. dietitian says.

Heather Cupp of Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis works with parents and doctors to help children avoid obesity. Some different but healthy choices for lunch that appeal to kids in kindergarten through high school include:

— Combo Lunch: Four-six whole grain crackers, 1 slice of low-fat cheese, 1-2 ounces of low-fat turkey or chicken, one-half cup mandarin oranges, 1 cup of cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices, water or flavored water.

— Tacos to Go: Two hard or soft taco shells or a small bag of baked tortilla chips, and toppings such as lettuce, tomato, low-fat cheese, beans, salsa, etc. Add one low-fat pudding cup and 1 cup of berries for dessert.

— No-Bake Pizza: One whole grain English muffin, one-half cup of tomato sauce, 1 piece of string cheese, 5 slices of turkey pepperoni, one-half cup of sliced sweet peppers and mushrooms. Assemble at school so the muffin does not get soggy. Have some vegetables on the side with Italian dressing for dip and add a medium piece of fruit for dessert.

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