Arab literary giant Mohammad al-Maghout dies

DAMASCUS (Reuters) – Syrian writer Mohammad al-Maghout,
whose poems and plays fiercely criticized Arab regimes, died on
Monday aged 72, the official news agency SANA said.

“Syria and the Arab world lost a giant today,” the agency
said, adding that Maghout had died after a long illness.

Maghout’s work combined satire with descriptions of social
misery and malaise, illustrating what he viewed as an ethical
decline among rulers in the region.

He teamed up with Syrian actors Dureid Laham and Nihad Qali
to produce some of the region’s most popular and acclaimed
theatrical works, such as “Exile.”

“Policemen, Interpol men everywhere; you search for the
perfect crime,” Maghout wrote in one of his poems. “There is
only one perfect crime; to be born an Arab.”



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